Patty Luijt (De Boekers) by David Dijkhoff (c)

Patty’s (De Boekers) Skin Care & Beauty Routine

Professional beauty Patty Luijt doesn’t really like make-up, but she does have some great beauty tips for women with sensitive skin to share! 

Tip >> Patty about her modeling career

Q: Hi Patty! A clear skin is very important for a model. How do you take care of your skin?

When I wake up I just use some water to clean my face and after that I like to use some lotion for the clean feeling. After that I put on some day cream. I don’t really like make up so I only use a bit of mascara.

Q: So what kind of skin care products do you use?

I love the Weleda Rosa Mosquetta line from De Tuinen. I have the day cream, oil and scrub. It’s for all skin types and it helps to recover your skin after a shoot.

Q: I haven’t heard of that brand before, thanks for the tip! Besides Rosa Mosquetta, do you have other favorite brands?

Yes, I also I love Bioderma. I have a really sensitive skin and its one of the only products that doesn’t irritate my skin.

Patty by David Dijkhoff (c)


Q: That sounds familiar. My skin is very sensitive too. Another skin ‘problem’: let’s talk about spots and pimples. How do you avoid getting them?

I try to keep my skin clean and don’t touch it too much. If  you do get one go to the pharmacy to get ´benzoylperioxide´ [editor note: not safe during pregnancy, see full list here]. It helps to get rid of them asap.

Q: It’s true, I’ve used benzoyl as well. But what to do when you have a pimple on that important day?

I put on some benzoylperioxide and I hope that it won’t be too bad the next day!

Q: I think that’s indeed all you can do. Something else: I love going to the spa. Do you go to spa’s? Do you have any favorite ones?

I always love to go to Spa Zuiver in Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful spa with a lot of different sauna’s and they also have a really good restaurant!


High five sister, I love Spa Zuiver as well! Thank you for sharing your beauty ‘secrets’ with us. 


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1st image: Patty by David Dijkhoff (c)


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  1. I am reading your aticle, this described very briefly that how we using by these tips getting a glowing,healthy and beautiful skin.

  2. Hi!I am reading your article,it’s so helpful take care of your skin,the product is very useful for healthy and glowing skin,it reduces the sun spots and damage,and wrinkles.Thanks for Sharing this post.

  3. Any tips for a girl who doesn’t have a lot of money?
    I’m not exactly sure what my skin type is. I used to not have such problems with my skin. I was using coconut oil with salt as a scrub and I’m wondering if that didn’t cause my face, esp. my cheeks to become cracking, as coconut oil tends to even out the oil in one’s face and I’m wondering if it didn’t kill the oil I had on my cheeks.
    I also have eczema… which probably doesn’t help when using oil. I have to use Vaseline in order to keep the skin on my cheeks from cracking… I also use a scrubbing sponge, but only once a day and not too hard.

    • Angela Willemse

      Hey Heather, I wouldn’t recommend using a scrubbing sponge and salt when you have eczema. Try to stick to nourishing and gentle skin care products such as Dr. Hauschka and Bert’s Bees, but rather just wash with water only and use vaseline on the very dry spots. I furthermore recommend to ask your doctor for advice, but be careful with hormone cream treatments!

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