Some people might think models are super confident. Like the VS model: they run around in their tiny bikini’s on set all day, show off their gorgeous skinny bodies on camera and walk the runway with confidence like the whole world is theirs. They wear the nicest clothes, get invited to the best parties and get big paid amounts, just because they look pretty.


But does modeling really have something to do with self confidence? Or does it actually work counterwise? Does working off your looks make you pretty much the opposite of self-confident?

According to 80’s topmodel Paulina Porizkova, the last statement is true and I agree on that.  As a model, you’re surrounded and compared with the most beautiful girls that one can find. It is therefore imaginable that this can have it’s influence on your self-confidence.

I think beauty pageants can even be worse; this I can tell from my own experience. Here’s a trip down memory lane going back to the time that I attended a beauty contest about eight years ago.

[box] When God was handing out breasts, I was probably standing in line for buttocks. I have ignored my mama’s advice to drink lots of milk and eat plenty of chicken, so those breasts never showed up. I actually never worried about this until I was attending a beauty pageant in the Dominican Republic about eight years ago.

I was really looking forward to meeting the other girls and doing the stuff that’s part of the whole media circus around peagents. The other participants at the pageant – all visibly being the most beautiful girl of their country – seemed really nice and my best friend, who was there with me, and I were having a lot of fun.

The day came that we had to line up in our bikini in front of the judges and the press. I noticed that many of the other girls were wearing Spandex, false lashes, fake nails, hair exentensions and many of them had large, balloony breasts. Implants, I later learned, and some of them had them planted in their buttocks. I started observing and askinf and I concluded that I was surrounded by more inauhtenticies; injected lips, lipo’s, botox, nose jobs, fake tans, chin implants, cheeckbone implants and brow lifts as well.

I felt impressed with these perfect, sculptured girls. But not in a good way. The message that this phenomenon transfered was that these girls were not good enough the way they were, before they had surgery (on which models get a good discount in their county). I had to take care that I would not think of myself as being not good enough without having a perfect sculptured, buyable body. But, as I am a perfectly normal human being, it was inevitable that I did start comparing myself with the other girls.

As the day of the grand finale came closer, the feeling grew that my chances to end high in the competition were small. Participating in this beauty pageant influenced the way I looked at myself, by becoming more aware of my own ‘imperfections’. My self-confidence is still quite okay, but at that time being, it did shink a little bit. But it’s good now 😉[/box]

Some say that being a model must make your confidence grow. After all, you get appraisal for your looks. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By telling you about my experience and by showing you the following video clip, I want to show you that being a model, doesn’t necessarily makes you more self-confident, but the effect  can actually work counter wise.





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