[dropcap]H[/dropcap]i peeps! I recently started to share blogs with a more personal touch. Hope you like it 🙂 if so: read on!
Yesterday was the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. I was booked for Moroccan haute couture designer Said Mahrouf in the morning and public favorite and haute couture designer Edwin Oudshoorn in the afternoon.
I had a relaxt day with lovely people and meet-ups with model colleagues. I took some snaps during the day with my Instagram and thought it would be nice to share them here with you!

My day started really early at 6:15 a.m. In the morning I like to sit for a while in quietness watching the news, having my coffee. Coffee always tastes better in my Lady Venus mug 😀

This is my “it’s too damn early” face:


I than fresh up and change my bathrobe for my clothes. Hair in a bun and off I go. By bike, train and tram I went to the Westergasfabriek, the show location. For some reason I took the wrong tram stop, which made me arrive at the location a little too late. Whoops! I hate being late!

After I checked myself in at the backstage, my hair and make-up was done. L’Oreal was in charge of the hair, who gave me a tight ponytail. The make-up was done by Lancôme. I love this look with the red/organge-ish lips, pale face and a little eye-liner!



After hair and make-up was done, the other models and I went to rehearse the first show. I always rehearse wearing the heels that I’ll be wearing during the show, since I wear shoe size 38.5 (EUR) and most designers work with shoes size 40/41. Fortunately this designer had a pair of 38’s ready for me. So far so good …



In between the rehearsal and hair & make-up, I fitted my dresses. The first dress was an easy peasy to walk in dress. The other dress though … was quite a scary one! The designer told me I was the one that had to wear it, because I ‘know how to walk’ and ‘can handle a scary dress’. I didn’t know if that was good or bad at that point. The dress was in fact very long and voluminous; during the rehearsal, my heels got stuck in the fabric all the time. The designer decided to cut out a piece of the lining to make it easier to walk in, but we didn’t check if my heels wouldn’t get stuck in it after. Quite a scary prospect, you can imagine …

Anyway, I first had to fill ma bellyyyy! Although there’s always catering at the backstage, I bring my own stuff. For lunch I had Thai style stir-fryed veggies with mushrooms, bean sprouts, leek, chicken (I eat meat about twice a week now) and curcuma (a strong Ayurvedic medicinal food):



Le moment supreme .. eeek! Luckily, during the show my heels didn’t get stuck, all went well and I could enjoy doing the show (love the glit & glam screen in the back by the way):



After my show for Said I had to run to another backstage area to be on time for my show for Edwin Oudshoorn. But first I ate something. Doing my turn on the catwalk made me hungry!

Edwin took really good care of his models. Or do I have to say: Edwin’s lovely mom? She made us a big salad with leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and cottage cheese (probably because of the 53 cm narrow corsets ;), a selection of cut vegetables, lots of fruit and for those with a sweet tooth some candy bars (I stayed away from that, lol!). 


After lunch the other models and I went to rehearse. The show setting was amazing! There wasn’t such thing as a real catwalk. On the contrary, an old transformer house was furnished as some kind of fairy tale garden, with real trees, lots of real flowers, loose hanging lamp sockets, chic made tables and bird sounds in the background. Us models had to walk like if they were walking through a fairytale garden. So romantic!

Rehearsing the show:


Backstage everything was so relaxt. I’ve been chatting backstage with the other models until it was time to get dressed, get sewed (a list minute finishing touch) and get in the line-up. And then … show time!!

This was the amazing dress I got to wear (and made me feel like Jessica Rabbit!):



After the show we took some lookbook shots, I shot the photographer:



Today (the day after) I am free (at least, from modelling). Besides an appointment, I am spending my day at home writing blogs in my sweat pants, with my hair up and covered with a beanie ’cause it’s still teased from yesterday and I can’t get it out.

I hope you liked my backstage peek & personal post and I really would like to hear from you if you would like to read posts like this more often. So don’t forget to leave a comment below!

xx Angela


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