[dropcap]H[/dropcap]owdy! I thought it would be nice to give you a little insight into my week related to food, health and workouts.

Maybe its is also nice to get to know ‘the face’ behind this website. This is just a try-out, but if this is true and you guys like it, I will continue doing this. So let’s start my week in Instagrams!


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I am quite into home growing my own herbs. This week I bought parsley, which contains lots of vitamin C and vitamin A, thereby preventing premature skin ageing. Not that I need it, ofcourse πŸ˜‰ Just kidding! I really would like to say that I would not care at all if I would get my first wrinkles, but if someone tells me parsley is a good anti-ager, I will add parsley to all kinds of dishes that I can think of! Today I used a bunch for my lunch omelet (baked in coconut oil and added some seasalt and ground pepper).


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Once in a while I check the statistics of my website. Sometimes I find that people find my website through Google with really weird keywords, like “model bikini booty” or “model loves bananas”. A keyphrase that is entered a lot and generates a lot of traffic to my site is “do bananas make you gain weight?”. If you are asking yourself if this is false or a fact, check my update upon bananas and whether they make you gain weight or not.


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Sunday was such a great and sunny day, so I decided to go out for a drink in the sun and go for a run after (which explains why I am running with red lipstick ;)! My run went great, couldn’t be any different whith such a lovely weather. The thing is, I was actually going to do my first  competition run ever last Sunday, a 10 km run, but reality was that this Sunday was my run in a long time (work work work) and I ran a lousy 6 km. Maybe 6 km might sound like a whole lot of km’s to some, but I was used to running 10 km, so for me it was kind of a disgrace and I felt like I had thrown away all that I had worked up to. I don’t feel frustrated about this though, I will calmly continue working up to 10 km again. My goal is to run the 20 km at the Dam-Tot-Dam Run from Amsterdam to Zaandam this September. But first a finny 5 km run:


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Yayaya, the 5 km color run! Everybody that is in Amsterdam in the end of may should join! There is enough time to train for this if you start now, so what is your excuse? The Color Run seems really funny, you get to throw colors at each other and .. well, yeah, that’s about it, but just look at their happy faces and find YouTube video’s of other Color Runs: really, you should join this run!


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I posted a new video online! This is a screenshot from when I was uploading it. As you can see it’s about a PMS treatment and … something that is really good for your sexdrive! If you are curious towards what food I am talking about, you can view the video in which I give a short summery of the benefits of this food here. Later on this month I will post an article about this food in which I will explain a little bit more about the treatment.


Yes, I got it! A very handy Γ nd cheap blender! The great part of this lovely looking thingie is that it comes with two bottles, one normal and one large size, that in the same time are the blending jars! With my old blender (which recently broke) I always had had this morning-after fight, trying to get it clean and get rid of the fruit fibers that wouldn’t rinse off in the dish washer because I didn’t wash the blending jar immediately. The difference with this blender is that after making my smoothing, I take the ‘jar’ with me!  Besides, it is small enough to put it in the dish washer. I am very happy with my new girlfriend and I can recommend it to anybody! Here is one of my favorite smoothie recipes to try if you have a blender yourself.


Last week was Easter, so this meant visiting friends and family and lots of nice foods! Okay, and some red wines, but don’t tell anybody! πŸ˜‰ Some might think that with my healthy lifestyle, wine can not be part of it and that I never drink alcohol. This is not true: first of all, when I want to eat/drink something that I like, wether it is very ‘bad’ (I rather not indicate any food ever as being bad) or not. So yes, I DO drink wine! I like red wine best, especially Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs and Merlots. Did you know red wine is beneficial for your heart health and blood vessels? These are my good friends Petra and Marijke by the way, I have not told them yet they are featured in this post. Let’s hope they will not make me take away their picture πŸ˜‰


This is how I like to close a long working day: coming home, make tea and chill on the coach with herbal tea and a piece of chocolate. If I eat too much chocolate, my heart rate increases, does that sound familiar to anyone? Chocolate is my candy, a healthy candy that beautyfies (so I eat lots of it, hihi!). I wrote about the health benefits of chocolate in this post; chill out, make tea, take a piece of chocolate and sit down to read it here πŸ™‚


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