[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello beauty! In this video tutorial I show you my make-up routine for a very natural make-up that I apply when I go on model castings or go-and-sees. In the video I use one of my favorite make-up brands Inglot. Since I discovered Inglot through make-up artists using it on my face on modelling jobs, I am a true Inglot fan!

Benefits of Inglot cosmetics

  • paraben free
  • allergen free
  • wide range of colors
  • strongly pigmented colors
  • certified animal cruelty free
  • Freedom system (compose your own click system pallete of colors and products and refill anytime)


On request + collab with Inglot

Instagram and YouTube followers requested a tutorial on my natural make-up routine and tips on make-up for a model casting. That’s why I wanted to let it all come together by doing this video tutorial with Inglot cosmetics. When I told Inglot about my plan, we decided to collaborate*, with the above video as a result!

Full product list

Full list of the products that I’ve used in this video: 


  • Under eyes: Freedom system square cream concealer peach (P)
  • Brow bone, eyelids, nose, chin, cheekbones: freedom system square cream concealer yellow (Y)
  • Mattifying pressed powder (302)
  • cheekbones: freedom system blush (47)
  • Pro blending sponge


  • Eyelids: Freedom system eye shadow matte (357)
  • Waterline & lash implants: AMC eyeliner (brown)
  • Brow bone & inner eye corners: freedom system eye shadow matte (318)
  • Crease: freedom system eye shadow matte (390)
  • Lashes: False lash effect mascara (black)


  • Lip defense treatment (02)
  • Freedom system palette (EB)
  • Freedom system palette [2] square


Inglot webshop

Create the same look and shop the above items on the Inglot webshop.


Now, I know I am not a Michelle Phan (love her channel!), but hey, it’s only my 6th video and 1st make-up video tutorial ever! So, what do you think? Is it informative enough? Pleasant to watch and listen to? Anything you miss in this video? Bring on the feedback in the comments below puh-lease!


Keep the video requests coming!
Inglot casting makeup tutorial for models


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