New Workout Trend: Ballet Booty Barre (Even Doutzen Is Fan!)

When I was little, I took classical ballet classes. In my teens, classical ballet evolved into jazz dance and at this point, I am hooked on yoga. Earlier this week my attention was drawn to a flyer that said ‘Ballet Booty Barre; New York workout trend combining yoga, pilates, dance and balance’ (it also said ‘Doutzen Kroes is fan!’; good to know ;)).

Dancer’s  body

The flyer furthermore told me that the Ballet Booty Barre workout  promises a  tight and toned, but lean and graceful dancer’s body. Doesn’t sound bad, if you’re asking me.

I expect I will be a fan of Ballet Booty Barre like Doutzen, as I love ballet and yoga and all that. I can already picture myself twirling in a pink tutu from one side of the room to the other side  😀 I just have to wait a little longer until September, when Ballet Booty Barre classes will be available at my gym. I’ll update you on what I think about the Ballet Booty Barre workout for sure!

 Ballet Booty Barre: twirling like a ballerina?


What do you think about this workout trend? Will you try it?

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  1. I love ballet. I also practiced classical ballet for nine years and would love to do it again. (Goal: dancing on pointe shoes again) I found ballet workouts on youtube and they all let me sweat! So I personally thought it was great, but maybe it is better to do it with a group.

    • Angela Willemse

      Hey Anouk, how’s your sporty month going?

      Aaah, I love ballet! I have to wait one more week before I can start ballet dancing. I don’t think pointe shoes will be involved, unfortunately. For the better probably; they ruin the feet quite a bit!

      Why did you stop dancing?

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