Nothing feels better than a winter wonderland run. But how to stay warm at 0°C?

The streets are covered with a thin layer of crystal white snow, the sky is clear and the sun shines down on a pre-winter wonderland. It’s a perfect day to go for an outdoor run: the sun will provide you with vitamin D,  which in turn boosts your serotonine levels. Voila: who needs therapy if you can go for an outdoor run in the sun? Moreover, when the temperature is low, the percentage of oxygen in the air is higher, which improves your performance.


Running in the cold

I can imagine you’re having doubts about running outdoor with temperatures around 0°C if you have never experienced the pleasure it can give you. From my own experience I can tell you that this doesn’t have to be a reason not to go try running on days like these, because there is special winter running gear designed for these circomstances. When I wasn’t sure yet if I would continue running, I used to run in my loose jogging pants and a big sweater. Later on, I have invested in special winter running gear, both for summer and winter, since each season asks for other characteristics.  


Dri-FIT,  Dri-Fit Wool and Thermal fabrics

Winter running gear needs to have a comfortable, tight fit. Loose sweatpants and sweaters are not comfortable to run in and they won’t stay dry when you get sweaty, which in turn can cause burns on your skin by scraping it. Winter running gear needs to be made of fabric that keeps you warm and dry and feels comfortable on your skin. Most of my running gear – both winter and summer –  is from Nike: besides an appealing look and good fit, Nike uses Dry-FIT,  Dri-Fit Wool and Thermal fabrics in its designs that will keep you warm and dry. Their new collection winter 2012/2013 is out now, so if you want to give winter running a try, you should definately check out their new collection and throw away your sweat pants!


Nike Womens Running gear collection winter 2012 2013


Here are some of the picks I like the most. Visit Nikes website to find more warm and cozy winter running gear and make your online purchase.







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