According to scientific studies, Monsanto’s Roundup is even in low quantities related to health problems like cancer and birth deficits. 

Print your Monsanto boycott list here and never shop without it again!

Monsanto is the biggest seed company in the world. They monopolise our food with GMO’s and patents. They own 75% of the broccoli, paprika and tomato in Europe. 99% of the soy grown in Argentina is Roundup Ready from Monsanto. In The Netherlands Monsanto owns 2 mayor vegetable seed companies: De Ruiter and Seminis. They force farmers to buy their seeds and their Roundup pesticide (glyphosate) year after year, by taking over the seed market.

GMO’s are an important power tool for Monsanto and the other seed giants. 80% of the GMO’s is resistant to herbicides like Roundup (glyphosate), causing the poisoning of our food and environment. An increasing number of scientific studies show that even in low quantities Roundup causes cancer, birth deficits and other health problems. Many farmers, authorities and private gardeners use it to kills weeds. Monsanto promotes their products with misleading commercials.

Monsanto bullies US farmers with threats of court cases to pay thousands of dollars of license fees for their crops, even though they did not use Monsanto’s patented seeds. In India Monsanto took over the cotton seed market, pushing up the seed prices, driving small farmers into despair and even suicide.

Monsanto has a unbelievably strong influence on government policies all over the world, buying up politicians, putting their people in governments and other kinds of lobby work. In the US they have prevented labeling of GMOs on food products. In Europe there still a strong resistance against GMO’s but also here Monsanto influences patent and seed laws to meet its profit driven needs. Monsanto has joined ventures with other agrichemical & seed giants like Syngenta and Bayer, whose insecticides contribute to the dying of bees. WUR does many classified studies for these companies, testing their products, p.e. field trials with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready maize, compromising its independence from agro industry. WUR is also an important adviser for Dutch government policies.

Albert Heijn, WWF and WUR contribute to the greenwashing of GMOs, promoting them as sustainable and therefore contribute to millions of tons of GMOs entering the market and ending up on your plate.


What do we want?

We want to protect the future of our food. We want the people to have full control over the seeds, not farmers being dependent on a few big companies with a few GM crops. We need diversity of seeds to secure safe and healthy food now and in the future. Therefore we demand seed sovereignty.*


What you can do

Buy your products as much organic as possible, or at least buy your soy, maize (corn), sorghum, canola, alfalfa, and cotton organic. Be aware of the fact though that you might not know which products contain these seeds and that cattle is fed with GMO soybeans. Because of the latter, if you eat meat, you should only eat grass fed meat. Beside, here’s a handy list that contains all the companies that use Monsanto products. Print it out and take it with you when shopping!


Monsanto boycott list

 Open, save and print the list



 By the way, did you know Monsanto developed the first nuclear weapon and was one of the most important producers of Agent Orange for United States Armed Forces operations in Vietnam?





March against Monsanto!

 Anti-Monsanto marches worldwide:


* Part of this text is adopted from Indy Media.

List source: Fractured Paradigm




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