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Great Body & Skin Wants You!

Great Body & Skin is expanding and is looking for enthusiastic models that have a facil 'pen' and want to present themselves in the categories of health, psychology or skin & beauty!

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Loveliest Styled Easter Tables of Pinterest

Are you organising an extensive brunch this Easter? What would be better than surprising your guests with a beautifully styled Easter table? I went on the hunt for the loveliest Easter table settings and ideas of Pinterest for your necessary styling inspiration.

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Gluten Free Breakfast Idea’s and Tips Part 2

raw food energy bars

Do you eat, for any reason whatsoever, gluten free and are you looking for inspiration for both gluten-free and healthy breakfasts? You are at the right address! Two days ago I published part 1 of my gluten free breakfast ideas and tips. I kicked off with smoothies, pancakes and porridge. Yum! In Part 2 of my gluten-free breakfast ideas and tips the spotlight is on bread and bars.

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Gluten Free Label Offers Celiacs and Gluten Sensitives Clarity

Do you eat gluten free because of celiac disease (or gluten intolerance) or gluten gluten sensitivity? It may sometimes be difficult to distinguish which products are truly gluten free. The official Free symbol creates clarity. In this article I'll tell you more about the gluten free label. In addition, I have listed which grains are gluten free and which grains contain gluten. Moreover, I give tips on what to be aware of when avoiding gluten.

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How To Substitute White Sugar for Natural Sugar

amount of sugar in food visualized

As a frequent visitor, you probably have noticed that all the recipes at Great Body & Skin are refined sugar free. That's good for you to know, as these processed sugars have no benefit to your body. Besides providing you with energy, natural sugars provide your body with valuable nutrients. Reason enough to replace 'empty' white sugar by natural sugars. But how do you do that?

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