Recipes, food and nutritional info to help you stay in great health, while maintaining your model measurements.

Dear Diary …

dear diary ... february model diary

February has been a fun month! There were some highlights though: I told my family, friends and you about my pregnancy, had several photo shoots, dinners and get-together with friends, made video's, ate a lot of sweet food and obviously regularly worked out in the gym.

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Quinoa Beet Goatcheese Salad with Pomgranate

quinoa beet goatcheese salad

Okay. Sure. I know. It's time for a new healthy and tasty recipe. This time I'm not sharing a raw, vegan blah blah cake recipe, but an ordinary salad recipe. Gluten Free. Mind you. Moreover, this salad recipe is healthy and delicious. Read on for the recipe that I made my boyfriend and me: quinoa salad with beets, goat cheese and pomegranate seeds. Yum!

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A Note about Valentine to my Boyfriend

lief vriendje

Hello my sweet boyfriend, Saturday, February 14, this Saturday, so at the time of writing in 4 days, it's Valentine. Of course I know that we don't celebrate Valentine, as we see Valentine as one big commercial circus. Of course you don't have to stand on my doorstep with a bunch of red roses, write me a romantic poem, take me out for a posh dinner or book that luxury suite under the stars.

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Soda Causes Earlier Menstruation

Soda's Causes Earlier Puberty Among Girls

A study revealed that girls that drink more soda, on average have their first period earlier than girls that drink little or no soda. Light soda's and pure fruit juice don't seem to affect when they have their first period.

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Making Healthy Cake: How To + My 4 Favorite Recipes

Oven baked pecan pear pie with vanilla sauce

You are quite well on track with your new healthy habits. You figured out all kinds of healthy substitutes for your daily diet. Now it's time to show your family and friends how indulgent healthy can be! In this article you'll find tips for making healthier cake. Additionally, I share my 4 favorite recipes for healthy cake.

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