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healthified chocolate marzipan bonbon recipe
Bars & Bonbon's Gluten Free Lactose Free Refined Sugar Free Sinterklaas Vegan

Healthier Chocolate Marzipan Bonbons

They were gone before we knew it. I blame it all to the loud crunch of the slightly bitter chocolate when taking a bite. To the amazing sweet marzipan – I am such a sucker for marzipan. And ofcourse to the knowledge that these chocolate-marzipan bonbons are 100% guilt-free and much healthier than store chocolate marzipan. Whoa!

Fortunately, these bonbons are easy peasy to make, because they require only four ingredients to make. Read on for the recipe!

3 ingredient marzipan bullets vegan sugar free
Christmas Gluten Free Lactose Free Sinterklaas Special Occasion Vegan

Marzipan With Only 3 Ingredients (Vegan, Healthified)

This week I, I was in the supermarket when I couldn’t resist the Saint Nicholas (a traditional children’s festivity similar to Christmas) candy shelf. Especially the marzipan was a huge trigger for my salivary glands. Drooling I let one after the another marzipan piglet, fries and banana go through my hands. I quickly put the piglet back on the shelf when an employee saw me smelling the package like an idiot. Awkward!