[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n my work as a model, I’m want my skin to stay in good condition and I can imagine you would like to keep your skin healthy and taken care of as well.
Now that the cold winter days are approaching, the parchment skin effect is something I have to watch out for; my skin is in fact quite thin, which means it loses moisture quickly and easily, both by heat and cold.
Here are 3 nutritional tips plus an ‘edible’ mask recipe to help your skin through late autumn and upcoming (hopefully not so) cold winter.*

Tip 1 : Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, C , zinc and omega 3 fats
Together, these vitamins and minerals ensure a healthy skin that is able to restore and protect itselve. They provide you with vitamin A, a nutrients that increases your skin healing ability, which you can find in carrots, pumpkin, egg yolks, liver, spinach, peas, peaches etc.
Zinc and vitamin C also increase your skin healing ability. Zinc can a.o. be found in seaweed, beans and algae (e.g. Chlorella). Vitamin C can be found mainly in citrus fruits, broccoli, kale, peppers, watercress, parsley and papaya.
Omega 3 helps regulate sebum production of your skin. A lack of sebum causes your skin to be less able to retain its moisture and will therefore dry out sooner. Omega 3 fats are a.o. found in fish oil, avocados, olives, hemp seeds and coconut oil.
Tip 2 : drink lots of water
The reason for this effect is the same as the previous tip. Hot rooms and offices draw the moisture out of your skin. Counter this loss by drinking at least one glass of water an hour.
Tip 3 : Be careful with alcohol
I completely understand: this is probably the hardest tip to follow, because who does not like a drink? Realize, however, that alcohol has a strong dehydrating effect on your body and of course on your skin. This can bring the condition of your skin out of balance, triggering acne.
Tip 4 : make a superfood mask
Food lubricated on your skin; it sounds a little crazy, or maybe even sexy (look). Anyway, food on your skin can be very beneficial for dry skin.
This is my recipe for a silky peach skin:
– Soak a tablespoon of oatmeal for half an hour in a little bit of boiled wate.
– Add half a mashed Hass avocado and a tablespoon of honey.
– Briefly heat the paste in a pan (it really does not need to cook!) and smear it on your face while it is still warm.
– Put away your smartphone, lay yourself on the couch, close your eyes and relax for half an hour. Then wash the mask off and use your favorite alcohol-free moisturizer.
What’s your favorite recipe for an ‘ edible ‘ mask?

Note that the condition of your skin depends on several factors and genetic predisposition determines the condition of your skin. The effect of these tips is therefore partly dependent on these factors.
I originally wrote this post for Foodness.nl


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