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New Workout Trend: Ballet Booty Barre (Even Doutzen Is Fan!)

booty barre ballet workout

When I was little, I took classical ballet classes. In my teens, classical ballet evolved into jazz dance and at this point, I am hooked on yoga. Earlier this week my attention was drawn to a flyer that said ‘Ballet Booty Barre; New York workout trend combining yoga, pilates, dance and balance’ (it also said ‘Doutzen Kroes is fan!’; good to know ;)). Dancer’s  body The flyer furthermore told me that the Ballet Booty Barre workout  promises a  tight and toned, but lean and graceful dancer’s body. Doesn’t sound bad, if you’re asking me. I expect I will be a fan of Ballet Booty Barre like Doutzen, as I love ballet and yoga and all that. I can already picture myself twirling in a pink tutu from one side of the room to the other side  😀 I just have to wait a little longer until September, when Ballet Booty Barre classes will be available at my gym. I’ll update you on what I think about the Ballet Booty Barre workout for sure!   Question What do you think about this workout trend? Will you try it? Featured image: source

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Modelling in Seoul: How Does It Work With Castings?

(NL) Emma is currently in Seoul for modelling and keeps a diary about her experiences. In her first diary she told us about her arrival at the model apartment, first modelling job and guidance by the agency. In this article Emma gives us insight on how things work in Seoul regarding castings.

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Tips on How To Prevent Food Binges

Today I want to talk about food binges. Binge eating is different from overeating and overindulging at, let’s say, Christmas dinner; a binge is characterized by a feeling that one cannot stop or control the binge, while someone who overindulged at Christmas dinner can.  A binge is also defined by consuming more food in a faster pace in a certain period of time than other people do; consuming thousands of calories in 2 hours or less is typical for a food binge (so eating that whole bag of chips is definitely not a binge).

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How To Make a Healthy Cake + 5 Favorite Recipes

Vegan raspberry 'cheese' cake with a tangy sweet raspberry topping soft, creamy vanilla lime 'cheese' filling and crunchy, salted almond date crust

Your model friend is coming for tea, and now you’re wondering what to you serve her with her cup of tea? Dear friends of models: take note! In this article you will find tips to make healthy, reined sugar free, gluten free cake. I also share my five favorite recipes for healthy cake. These delicious healthy cakes are perfect to serve your model friendy with her cup of tea next time you have a date with her.

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Pests and Gremlins at Work

Modelling: Pests and Gremlins at work

South African guest blogger Beatrix du Toit has been a fashion model for over 15 years. In her blogs she reflects on her modelling career. In this article Beatrix tells us about the pests and gremlins among clients, crews and models that she encountered on set, dividing them into the classic characters: ‘the gossip’, ‘ the fighter’, ‘the complainer’, ‘the backstabber’ and ‘the bully’. How does she handle them? And what is the most important lesson she learned from all these characters?

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