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Fix your stress, control your fat

Aveda stress fix

Stress raises the cortisol hormone, which causes an increase of glucose in the bloodstream. We all know what that does to our body ... right! They create muffin tops, the belly roll and lovehandles. So what do we do? We minimize the stress! Read how I do so and how you can minimalize your cortisol level.

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Home Made Raw Super Food Cereals

home made raw cereals

These cereals made of raw super foods keep your body strong and energized, feed your muscles, balance your hormonal level, control munching, cure skin problems like acne and dryness, prevent premature skin aging and promote radiant skin and will help you to burn fat and slim down your butt*.

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Rethink your drink!

Would you scoop twelve spoons of sugar in your tea? Or add five of them to your juice? No? Well, than why would you drink soft drinks?

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The Ken diet

The KEN diet - or the Ketogenic Eternal Nutrition diet - is a controversial weight loss method, in which the patient fasts for ten days and is being tube feeded during these days. Through a tube, proteins are directly pumped into the patients stomach during this procedure.

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