Pauline Weuring has an inspiring recipe blog with lovely food photo’s. On her blog I found the ’25 food questions’ tag. I very much liked her questions and so I asked her if I could use her tag on my own blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you a little bit more about ‘the face’ behind this blog and my relationship with food. So here I am, asking myself (weird!) 25 questions about food:

Lees in het Nederlands

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is your favorite breakfast?
Buckwheat pancakes or a large bowl of soy yogurt with homemade granola.


One of my fav breakkies

How do you drink your coffee?
All Black, not too strong. On the terrace a soy cappuccino and sometimes on my way to a shoot or an appointment a Starbucks soy latte to enjoy in the train.


What’s on your favorite sandwich?
A sandwich with goat cheese, honey, walnuts, sundried tomatoes and arugula.

Soup or salad?
Salad. Soup is quite a hassle and I just prefer chewing on my food. During winter I eat a lot less salads though; much too cold!

What is your favorite cookbook?
I love Jamie Oliver, but I often find his recipes too heavy or unhealthy. Jamie is therefore more or less a source for inspiration.

No more sweet or no more savory?
No more sweet. I easily get noushious of eating too much sweet food, but I can not get enough of savory food ever.

Which kitchen (country) is your favorite?
Thai/Indonesian. We have this at least 2x a week. Served with tempeh, cashews, homemade peanut sauce and coconut. I love Thai spring rolls as a snack, because they taste amazing, although they are utterly simple and quickly made.

What is your favo food movie?
Hmm, don’t have any, I like documentaries better (nerd). Can I name a TV show? I generally like every cooking show, of which the international tv show Master Chef. I don’t like cake baking tv shows ike Cake Boss though, it’s just a little too sweet, lol!

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Can’t say it enough: Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Nigella Lawson when it comes to food. She has a warm, playful personality and is a bit naughty. She really knows how to use her femininity and is not afraid to use it. She is the perfect tool to get people cooking.

Home cooking or dining out?
Dining out. As often as possible, eventhough it’s just a quick bite. In the latter case I still had the opportunity to spend quiality time with my loved ones while being completely focused at each other. In addition, I like to enjoy other people’s cooking; at home I already cook every night.

High end or low profile?
I don’t care so much, I enjoy both. Very cliché, but the most important is nice company.

What is your favorite restaurant?
A small Italian restaurant just around the corner of our house. In Rotterdam there is this fine healthy & fresh takeaway restaurant Angie’s.


Healthy take-away Angie’s at the Karel Doormanstraat, Rotterdam (yep, that bag is open …)

I do my groceries at …
Depends on where I am, but mainly at a local supermarket, local organic store or the Asian supermarket.

The best I’ve ever eaten is …
Lavender ice cream with a brownie with strawberry sauce and a good dessert wine.

What is your favo cocktail?
I do not like cocktails. Rather a red wine or pure vodka.

Coffee with George (Clooney) or Heston (Blumenthal)?
Heston of course, and then gain lots of tips on cooking.

What should not be missing in your kitchen?
Turmeric, nut butter, coconut, Medjool dates and oat flakes.

My favorite snack is …
A banana coated with nut butter and coconut (recipe). 

Wat zit er op jouw pizza?
Mozzarella, argula and tomato.

Food you really don’t like?
I really don’t know, I would even like to try insects.

My favorite food blog is …
My New Roots  

The craziest thing I’ve ever eaten is …
I have the strange habit of cutting tempeh into thick slices and eat it raw as a snack.

What’s on your food bucket list?
Eat insects.

I can not live without …
Coffee and water.

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