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Personal: How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?
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How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?

Funny, I actually wanted to write a complete other kind of article for tomorrow, but now that I’m reading back the article, it has become quite … eh … personal, and now I am in doubt whether to publish it or not. Yet, I’m publishing it anyway. Because I hope that my story can make clear that a ‘healthy lifestyle’ sometimes isn’t really healthy. As I hope to inspire those to have more self-kindness. To turn the tide.

do we really need bra's
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Do We Really Need A Bra?

This morning I received a text message from my dad. “Can you come online on Skype, honey?” Fifteen minutes later my dad’s face popped up on my computer screen. Although it was not the reason for the call, as it turned out, dad soon began talking about breasts. It seemed that he had landed on a video about breasts. This involved science and therefore, according to dad, it was permissible that he was watching a breast video.