Lesley van Helden has been a model for 8 years (you may know her from Benelux Next Top Model Season 2) and is the owner of the blog A Look In My Diary. Especially for Great Body & Skin she gives tips on posing; not just during a professional shoot, but also for your perfect selfie on social media.

[dropcap]Posing.[/dropcap] It’s not just a models-only thing. Everybody does it. Especially with all those social media these days. When we finally post a picture, it has to be perfect, right? So how do you make that perfect pose? Let me give you some tips and tricks.
Well, I have to be honest: for me it’s easier to pose for a job at a photoshoot then for a “normal” picture my mom takes. Maybe that’s because when I am shooting, I’m working. I switch that button and don’t think anymore; I just do it. When my mom, boyfriend or girlfriend takes a picture I always feel a little bit awkward. They expect me to always look good in a picture, as I am a model. I try to take a selfie everyday, but usually it doesn’t really work out the way I would like. But well … after 8 years of modeling I do know a little bit about taking a good picture, so let me teach you what I know.

Tip 1: Look at yourself

 This may sound strange, but it is really is the best way to get that perfect picture. Everybody has a different body shape. To find out how your body looks at its best in a picture, you have to know your body.

Tip 2: Find your good sides and flaws

When you’re always the tall girl, like me, bend one of your hips a bit. It makes you a inch shorter. Do you, like most women, have this imagined “fat upper leg syndrome”? Never, ever put your legs right next to each other. Always leave an inch of space between them, as it gives you that thigh gap effect. 

Tip 3: Find your light

Light can make your picture from no to show. Soft light like candle light takes away imperfections from the face. Sunlight makes your skin look smooth. Make a selfie in the middle of the living room. When you’re done, make it in front of a window. See the difference ?

Tip 4: How to take a picture of your face

Never ever straight from the front. Somehow it never works. Do you feel like your nose is a little bit too big? Lift your chin a bit, as it makes it look smaller. Putting your chin a little bit down and sticking it out a bit works well for your face as well. It may feel a little bit strange, but trust me: it is worth it. Do you want that Tyra Banks smize and cheekbones? Pretend you’re looking at Christmas lights in your tree to find a spot where you need to put an extra light and push your tongue a little bit against your front teeth. It gives you an instant cheekbone lift.

‘ Love my new @chiquetattoos

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Reading tip >> posing with your baby bump

Tip 5: Breath in, breath out

A lot of people hold their breath when they take a picture. Don’t do that! It makes you look tens. Breath out when you take a picture.

Tip 6: Find your angle

Always take your selfie a little bit higher then your face, as it makes your face look smaller. You won’t have a double chin and you’ll look taller and thinner.

Tip 7: Arms and hands

One of the things I always notice in a picture are those arms. Where do you leave those long, clumsy things? Well, you have the classic one: the hand on your hip. You can also criss cross your arms or put them around a friend. Or just leave them in your pockets. But remember: when you put your hands in your pockets never ever put your whole hand in it. Just a thumb, or a thumb out. If you don’t it will look like someone cut off your hand and took a run with it. 
I can give you 100 more tips but all it takes is practice, practice and more practice. I am curious what you make of your selfless and if you find my tips handy. Show them to me at instagram and tag me in them @lessrobin or send an email trough my contact form at my website.

About Author

Lesley van Helden (23) has been modelling for 8 years. On her blog A Look in my Diary she blogs about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Soon Lesley will start her education to become a professional makeup artist.

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