… baby! What else? With odds of 50% the ‘thing’ that I am reproducing is either a human girl, or human boy. A or B. 2 chances. 2 possibilities. There aren’t that many possibilities.

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] therefore am never that surprised when women who just gave birth, or their partner, reveal the gender of their baby. Of course I play the game and respond enthusiastically. With my face ‘surprised’,  I cry out “no way?!”. Of course it would never occur to me to repeat the above paragraph. Certainly not to the mother, whose hormones are still messed up.

Because although it is the truth, I know the gender of your little everything is a very important factor. And that all comments towards the mom or mom-to-be proving that its gender is not that important, such as the notion that the health of the baby is much more important, are secretly quite annoying.

Birth defects

Our 20-week ultrasound, in which the little one is scanned from head to toe for birth defects, has yet been completed. I’ll tell you more about this ultrasound in my next pregnancy update.

16 weeks ultrasound

At 16 weeks we had an additional ultrasound scheduled, at which my parents in-law, brother and sister in-law were present. This ultrasound wasn’t medically necessary, but was fully aimed at getting disclosure about the gender of the baby that I am carrying. I had so much been looking forward to this ultrasound, as although I had a strong feeling about the gender and this feeling was in line with the position of the nub, I was aware that this ultrasound might take me by surprise regarding the gender. 

The nub

If you have no idea what a nub is: in this blog I wrote about this little thingie. The nub is a little tube like protrusion between the legs of an unborn, from which a penis clitoris will be formed. A girl’s nub is parallel to the spine, while the nub of a boy is situated in a 30 degree angle on the spine. During the 12-week ultrasound the nub came clearly into focus with a beautiful 30 degree angle …

An indeed: at our 16 week ultrasound it seemed that I am carrying a little boy and we are in the clouds!

Super lief: deze Nijntje kreeg ik dit weekend van vrienden.
So sweet: our friends gave me this Miffy last weekend.

Boy’s virus

I’d like to illustrate how bad we, but also our relatives, are in the clouds by reference the following:

the day after the ultrasound I purchased the wardrobe of our little one up to its second year and dad has already ordered his first mini Feyenoord training outfit. His first cajón is already been delivered at his grandfather’s home and uncle Ferdi is preparing his lessons ‘surviving in the wild’. We bought the stroller, which is obviously masculine, a week after the ultrasound (I never would have suspected that I was would find a stroller ‘cool’ and be happier with a new stroller, then with a new handbag).

baby outfit april
Mom has the tee on the left as well. I think I should buy dad one as well.

We furthermore don’t have to refer to our little one as ‘the baby’ any longer, but we can call ‘it’ by its name. Now I can call his name with my high squeaky voice when he gently kicks against my hand. Dad also likes to use his name; when he comes home from work, he pulls up my shirt and call his name through my navel.

Babybuikje week 21. De eerste aaitjes over mijn buik heb ik al in ontvangst mogen nemen en papa is al bedreven in het door mijn navel aanroepen van de baby.
Babybump week 21. The 1st  belly strokes are a fact and dad is already proficient in calling the baby’s name through my belly button.

As unimportant the gender of an unborn bean in essence is: we enjoy our pregnancy even more now that we know that it is a little boy that is growing in mommy’s belly!


Did you want to know the gender of your baby, your did you keep it a surprise for yourself? Why? let a surprise to the small was born, did you know as soon as possible? Why?

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