In this article I told you that I imagined myself as a smoothie making fitgirl during her pregnancy. Unfortunately things turned out a bit different: I am in pain and suspect pelvic instability.


A short recap: we are now halfway through the 6th month. In week 16 I had my last modeling job before my modeling agency temporarily put me on non-active because of my growing baby bump. Shortly afterwards we had the gender ultrasound and the prenatal screening. A month later baby kicks and somersaults even visible from the outside are as normal as brushing my teeth.

pregnancy update

My baby bump is still small, but temporarily too large for modelling.

Adjusted activity level

For the past months I maintained my active lifestyle, but adjusted the activity level. I still jogged once in a while, did squats and bootcamp, but decreased the intensity of my workouts and the amount of times per week I did them. If desired, I’d be happy to write a subsequent article about it.

Mama bootcamp and strolling

Last Wednesday I took a bootcamp class; bootcamp especially designed for pregnant women. Friday and Saturday we had two long days of house viewings (we’re selling our house as we’d like to have a bit more space for our baby). On Sunday I took a 1,5 to 2 hour stroll through the woods; no big deal and so far so good.

Into pieces

Today, however, I spend the whole day in bed and on the couch. What happened? Yesterday while cleaning the kitchen floor I suddenly was in severe pain. Pain in my hips, to be exact. I couldn’t finish cleaning the floor and couldn’t even pick up my cloths from the floor.

My bag had to be carried for me and I wasn’t able to cook us a meal as standing was too painful. At night after taking a shower Maarten had to help me get out of the shower. Moreover, I was only able to put on my undies in a seated position. For the first time since my pregnancy, I feel extremely pregnant.

Pelvic instability

At night in bed Maarten and I did a quick google scan for “pelvic instability”. That’s what immediately popped up in my mind. Shall it be …? If it is truely pelvic instability that I am dealing with, then taking my rest is what I need.

Or maybe not …?

As such, I slept in a bit this morning. Putting on my undies still doesn’t feel comfortable, but – thank God! – that awful pain in my hips is gone. I can walk normally and am no longer limping.

To the pelvis specialist

Still, this afternoon at the time of writing I am seeing a pelvic specialist to have my pelvis checked and to gain knowledge and advice. How come that I have no problems during or after my workouts, but àm having problems after a stroll? How do I prevent repetition of these complaints? If the symptoms come back, are they permanent?


Perhaps you are encountering pelvic complaints during pregnancy yourself. In a subsequent article I will give you an update on what happened at the pelvis specialist and what she adviced me. You can register through this link for notifications of new articles in your mailbox.


Are you suffering from  pelvic complaints or pelvic instability as well? I’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments below!



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