During a pregnancy, apart from the size of your bump, lots of thing change in your body. I have experienced this firsthand for the past 7 months. Some changes – such as ssoftening of the pelvis and extra chin hair 😉 – I wish I would have been been better informed about.

Are you pregnant yourself or hoping to ever get pregnant? Maybe you’ll find it useful to read this article, in which I discuss the changes that my body has undergone up to now.

Reading tip: Pregnancy Week 31 (part 1)

For weeks I have sent my modeling agency digitals of my growing baby bump. Apparently my bump was still too small, until last week; finally I have two nice options for pregnancy shoots. Fingers crossed!

pregnant baby bump week 31
Latest digitals that I sent to my agency

Putting on socks
… has become a wee bit more difficult. Bending over in a sitting position to reach for my feet does not feel comfortable anymore, because my uterus has become quite large. I’m sure it’s already touching my ribs; I can feel the baby kick them. Fortunately I can still lift my feet pretty close to my nose, so bending to put on socks is not necessary.

When the 3rd trimester set in I suddenly felt tired. Since the beginning of my pregnancy I sleep only a few hours per night. I frequently wake up between 3:40 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. This is a typical pregnancy ailment; your REM sleep is shorter, so you’re awake earlier. Perhaps the complaint sounds familiar to you?

Anyway, I haven’t had any problems with the shorter nights, but early 3rd trimester I noticed that it actually began to break me up. I was told that I looked tired, for instance (thanks!). Since last week, I notice that I sleep longer, and therefore feel more energetic than a few weeks ago. So far I’ve had no further complaints about how I look.

Really can’t help putting my camera in the fridge and forgetting appointments or my phone. Recognizable situation for preggers, right?

Bouncing baby
At night we sleep in spooning position; my belly against Maarten’s buttocks. Maarten regularly tells me that while I was asleep, our little one kicked him in the butt. So cute!

Before bedtime Maarten massages my bump with an oil against stretch marks. We immediately see the baby react and my belly move in all directions; a very funny sight.

Bio-Oil review
My holy grail a.t.m.

Reading tip: Not wanting to attach to my baby

So far, all appointments at the midwife confirms that the baby’s growth is good and that I’m healthy. My blood pressure is pretty low, as it should be after the 1st trimester, and my iron levels are stable. Next week I get the results of the rhesus factor of the little one. If the rhesus factor is different than mine, I get an injection to preventing me from making antibodies.

We’re only doing the medical ultrasounds; no ultrasounds just for fun. We did one ultrasound for fun in week 16 of my pregnancy to find out more about the gender of the baby. In week 20 we had a medical ultrasound and in week 36 we get one if there is doubt if the baby has dropped.

In short: we might not have another ultrasound, which I think is very unfortunate. My opinion about not having anymore ultrasounds changed though, as soon as I found out that an ultrasound sounds like a passing train for the baby. I wonder how other preggers feel about ultrasounds for fun, given this fact?

Info nights
Every now and then we go to information evenings about giving birth (in different hospitals, as we don’t know where we will be living around the time of my birth), maternity care and the like. At least, if I’m not t the wrong place at the wrong time (freaking hormones!). This kind of evenings fit us better than breathing and pre-birth partner courses.

Curious towards my horrific maternity box, what clothes I wear during pregnancy and the clothes that I already bought our baby? Please go to the next page by clicking ‘2’ beneath this article.


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