[dropcap]H[/dropcap]igh school grad student and model Daphne Kooy gets days off from school to do photoshoots, as long as her grades are good. In the evenings and weekends she works on her food blog. Daphne: “I feel so much better when I eat clean food; it gives me a lot of energy”. I spoke with Daphne about modelling, her vision on healthy food and vegetarianism.

Name: Daphne Kooy
Mother agency & city: Dune Agency, The Hague
Based in: The Nertherlands
Modeling since: 2012 (When I was 15 years old)
A few clients I’ve worked for: Wehkamp, Stylevision magazine, Tophair Magazine, Blake Seven, Toni & Guy

A: Daphne, let’s start by asking for how you started your modelling carreer. Is it a classical – I was shopping and got scouted at H&M – story?
DK: No it isn’t a story like that! I started almost 2 years ago. I decided to sent some pictures to my agency and before I knew I got a response and one week later I was signed with Dune agency.

A: You’re still in high school, you have a foodblog …  how do you combine this with your modelling career?
DK: For now, school is always on the first place because I need to graduate this year! The good thing is that when I have good grades, my school gives me days off when I have a modeling job. After school and in the weekends I work on my blog and I do my workouts. It is very busy but it is my passion and I enjoy it, I think that is the most important thing to get and to stay motivated.

A: Modeling does come with some requirements regarding physical appearance. What does your lifestyle look like to maintain a model’s physique? 
DK: I live very healthy and take good care of my body. I make it fun to cook delicious healthy meals and I do workouts that I really like. It makes everything so much easier when you really enjoy what you’re doing.

A: You’re our newest member to the team and will be sharing your recipes with us. Are there any dietary regulations that you stick to and that we can find back in the recipes that you will be sharing?
DK: I eat mostly clean and unprocessed food and I am also a vegetarian. I do so to keep my body in good shape but I also feel so much better when I eat clean food; it gives me a lot of energy.

The Amazing Chocolate Protein Brownie Cake

One of Daphnes amazing clean recipes. Soon featured on Great Body & Skin! Copyright © Daphne Kooy.

A: You don’t eat wheat, processed sugar and meat. Can you explain why?
DK: I was 6 years old when I decided to eat vegetarian food. Not because of the health benefits, but because of the animals. I was a huge animal lover (I still am) and I found it sad for the animals. It simply just stayed that way and I still don’t eat meat. I started to stop eating processed sugar and wheat a year ago, I always felt very tired before and I couldn’t explain why. I also needed to work on my body, so I decided to eat mostly clean and now I feel so good all the time! I have a lot of energy and my body and skin look so much better!

A: Do you workout? If so, what are your favorite exercises?
Yes I do! There is a park close to my house and I really enjoy to run a few miles with my music on. When the weather is not that good, you can find me in the gym. I just started doing Piloxing, which is a combination of boxing, dancing and pilates. It’s so much fun and the day after all my muscles hurt, even the ones that I don’t even knew they exist!

A: Can you describe your dietary intake and exercise routine of one regular day?
DK: It’s important tot have a good nutritional base as the start of your day, so  I always start my day with a big breakfast. Most of the time my breakfast consists of a big bowl of low fat yogurt with a lot of superfoods and nuts. For lunch I like a good salad, quinoa or rice crackers. Dinner is always different, mostly low carb and a lot of protein.

A: What do you think – beside good genes – is more determining to get and maintain a model’s physique: exercise or diet?
DK: I think the most important thing is to eat healthily. When you eat crap most of  the time and you workout everyday, you don’t need to expect a lot of results. Your body needs good food to recover your muscles. I always learned that to get a great body, 70 to 80 % is about eating right and 30 to 20 % is about exercise. As they say: “you are what you eat”!

A: You are on your way a lot for work. I assume you don’t buy fast food when you won’t be home to cook a proper meal. What kind of snack do you carry with you and what do you do when you don’t have the time to cook yourself a meal?
DK: My all time favorite snack is an unsalted raw nut mix. It gives me energy very quick and it also makes me feel full for a long time. When I think that it’s gonna be late before I get home that day, I carry some extra food with me, like a quinoa salad or just a simple green salad. I take care that I always have enough healthy food with me in case there is no good food at the job. When I will be home late and my parents are home, they always take care of a proper meal when I come home. So sweet!

A: If there would be 5 foods that any woman that cares for her waistline should always have at home, what would they be?
DK: Quinoa, oats, unsalted nuts, avocado and all kind of superfoods.

A: What mistake regarding diet and exercise do you often see made among these women?
DK: think most people think they eat very healthy because they eat bread, potatoes, pasta, drink cow milk etc. A lot of people recognize these foods as healthy, but they don’t now the disadvantages about these foods, or they think they can get a great body without eating right and just workout everyday. That is the one big mistake that keep them from getting a great body!

 A: What can women learn from your dietary and exercise routine?
I think they can learn that eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. It is so much fun to create healthy meals that taste even better than bad meals and also look like they’re screaming ‘eat me, eat me!‘ at you. Also, you don’t have to feel bad about eating them, because they are healthy and give you all the benefits of healthy food!

A: Thank you so much for this interview Daphne! I admirer your creativeness in healthifying indulgencies and knowledge of nutrition, at such a young age (Daphne is only 17 years old) already!
Did you like Daphne’s interview and her vision on food? Good news! Daphne will be sharing her wheat free, processed sugar free, vegetarian recipes with us every two weeks!

Question of the day: what kind of recipes would you like to see appear at Great Body & Skin from Daphne? Cakes? Muffins? Smoothies? Shoot!


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