[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uing the weekend of September 28-29, about 8000 mud-loving piggies and I took a million – at least, that’s how it felt – by marines designed obstacles on a 6 or 12 km parcours during the Mud Masters Obstacle Run 2013. This is how I experienced the 12 km obstacle run.

  This year the Mud Masters Obstacle Run took place in Biddinghuizen (indeed, there where music festival Lowlands takes place). It’s a pain in the ass to reach Biddinghuizen, so I was happy to be brought there by car and dropped off at the parking lot.
I was a little less happy to be there all alone, but I forgave my friend for not being able to be there with me as her back was giving her troubles. There was no option for me not to go, as I promised Mud Masters to write a recap of my Mud Masters experience. Luckily I could hook up with some people; during my run I would discover that this obstacle run can’t be run alone … more about that later!
To get into the Mud Masters mood, watch this short 3:16 minute video first before you read on (you can see me jump at 1:04):

Here’s a screenshot of my jump. Whoah!

MudMasters Obstacle Run
Looks really cool, doesn’t it?! Stop reading if you think it’s not, read on if you think it does!
After a warm-up with a beat boxing dude hands up in the air! and just before my lips and fingers turned blue from the cold, the team ‘Whiskey’ start signal was given.


Hands up for a little warm-up!
With a loud ‘wheeeh!’ and ‘whooo!’ our team went off at 1:30 p.m. The first obstacles (jump-overs) came after 2 minutes of running. I found them a bit of a disappointment, as they were just a few low staples of hay and there was no mud included whatsoever. The next obstacle compensated my feeling of disappointment:

Long underground passage. Quite scary for claustrofobics!
Still, there wasn’t yet much mud involved … but hey, that certainly changed quickly!


Free facial treatment! 😉
The next obstacle was about walking through ice cold water – which was literally breath taking, as it came up to chest hight – which was a nice alternation to rinse the mud from my shoes and face, cool down and wash the mud out of my pants. Sounds fun, right?! 😉


The cold water made my muscles a little bit stiff though, so it took a little while to warm up again and loosen up my muscles.
After the water there were my favorite and probably the muddiest obstacle: the “Trenches”. The trenches are walls of mud with mud pools in between. These walls were so slippery that it was a challenge to climb up the wall all by yourself.



Mud face plant!
During the run I realised the mud run is best done with a buddy, like these guys did (seen here at the ‘Great Walls’
A big thumbs up for these guys!
A few other of my favorite obstacles were the ‘Slo-Mo-Mud’ (a slow mud ditch. Some people tripped and planted their face right in the stinky mud which was really funny!), the ‘Geranimo’ (rope wing over the water like Tarzan) and the ‘Battlefield'(crawling underneath barbed wire).

The last two obstacles to take were hysterical. TThe first one was the ‘Pipe Runner’. From a long distance you take a run-up and run as high you can, grab the rope and pull yourself on top of the pipe. There was a huge hold-up at the ‘Pipe Runner’, so who ever took the obstacle had 100 pair of eyes watching him or her. Qutie embarrising if you take a run-up and before your feet even touch the pipe you make a face plant in the mud. I have to point out that it wasn’t me!

The last obstacle looked quite innocent, but – surprise surprise – these wires hanging down are on high voltage. Iek!

Overall, I had a lot of fun during the obstacle run and I will certainly join the Mud Masters new 18 km parcours in March 2014. Good to know for other models that were in doubt of joining me last edition: I only had a few tiny little bruses which are easy to photoshop 😉 so there’s no more reason not t join me in the next edition!!
Register here for the 6, 12 or 18 km Mud Masters Obstacle Run and don’t forget to let me know you’ll be there too next edition!



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