Recipe: Spicy Garden Cress Pesto

Pesto we know by now. What you probably don’t know yet is garden cress pesto; deliciously spicy and even more healthy than its brother basil pesto. Utterly tasty in your soup, salad, on your sandwich, cracker or pizza with wine! Read on for the recipe and the health benefits of this exciting pesto.

Healthier than broccoli

Garden cress is a tiny herb that’s full of vitamin A and C. Per ounce it even contains more vitamin C than spinach and broccoli. Furthermore, cress contains lots of calcium and iron.


If you’re not interested in the garden cress health benefits, than that’s really okay, as garden cress pesto is besides healthy, also very tasty! Garden cress tastes delicious spicy. Garden cress pesto thereby turns a dull cracker into an instant party and gives an ordinairy mozzarella pizza flair.

Spelt pizza with cress pesto
Yum: rosemary-mozzarella-spelt pizza. You can find the recipe here.


I haven’t found ready-made garden cress pesto yet, so I guess you’ll have to make garden cress pesto by yourself. I don’t consider the latter as a punishment, especially not as I make my garden cress pesto with garden cress from a home growing kit

Ready for the recipe? Here you go:

Yields: depends, I’ve used it to top 4 pizzas

Prepping time: 5 minutes

Kitchen aid: pounder


  • 4 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • fist size bundle of fresh garden cress
  • 20 gram shaved parmesan
  • 0.5 tsp fine raw sea salt
  • pinch of black pepper


  1. Put all ingredients in a pounder and jack up well. You can also use a food processor (I have this one and am very content with it) to blend the mixture untill it becomes smooth.
  2. Add more olive oil if the mixture is still too thick.



Nutritional value per serving (1 tbs):

Kcal 146 Fiber 4.5 Protein 2.9 Carbs 0.5 Fat 14.9


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