For 1 month I’ve tried skin beautifying molecules, which carry the names The Super Green Modelcule and Hyaluronic Molecule. Did it work? Did the molecules improve my skin? Read on to find out!

[dropcap]Give[/dropcap] me a bottle of molecules sealed with the words “a spoonful of beauty” and I’m sold. Considering Angela is expecting*, she gave me the bottles of molecules to try. As such, last month the molecules landed in my glasses of water, guilt-free cacao mousse, smoothies and – sorry, I couldn’t stop myself – ice coffees.

A spoonful of …

Yeah, of beauty. But what is it exactly that you’re spooning? It depends on the bottle of your choice. FOUNTAIN comes in four varieties:

  • the Beauty Molecule
  • the Phyto-Collagen Molecule
  • the Hyaluronic Molecule
  • the Super Green Molecule
  • the Glow Molecule
  • the Beauty Molecule Extra Strenght
  • the Phyto-Collagen Molecule
  • the Hair Molecule
  • the Happy Molecule
  • the Energy Molecule
  • the Geek Molecule

Vegan formula

Beautiful names that all have one thing in common: the vegan hyaluronic formula. Each of the 11 bottles has its own specialty added to it to help hydrate your skin or slow down skin ageing. Just have one or two teaspoons a day, mix it up with a fluid and drink it!

11 supplements that have 1 thing in common: their vegan hyaluronic formula

Review - FOUNTAIN molecules for a model skin: does it work?


The name sounds a bit laboratory-ish, but in fact it’s much closer to you then you’d expect. You know how babies have that flawless, soft and plumped skin, right? They got it from the high hyaluronic acid contents in their small body. The acid appears as a polysaccharide (a.k.a. carbohydrate) in the space between skin cells, where it hydrates and keeps the suppleness. It also fills up your joint spaces, where it acts as a ‘shock absorber’. Plus the molecule is an excellent hydrator thanks to her ability to absorb 1000 times her own weight in water.

Replenishing hyaluronic acid

So babies are loaded with hyaluronic acid, which unfortunately decreases over the years. Entering your 40’s, you’ll be running out of stock. Unless you start replenishing on time. By using creams, injections or eating it. I prefer the last one, although it’s complicated to sneak it into your diet. Especially for vegans, since it’s most likely to find it in meat. In the skin to be specific, which we barely ever eat anyway.

Eating tempeh and having a red wine from time to time

Besides the fact that hyaluronic acid is such a huge molecule, your body has a hard time absorbing it. One resolution is eating tempeh and having a red wine from time to time. The phytoestrogens in there stimulate your body to produce hyaluronic acid. Same goes for Vitamin C combined with root vegetables like yams and carrots. And lately the same counts for FOUNTAIN molecules, too!

The ef-facts

Out of the 11 bottles, I tried and tested the 2, to me, most relevant ones: the Super Green Molecule and the Hyaluronic Molecule. The Super Green Molecule provides an oxygen boost and the Hyaluronic Molecule, indeed, keeps up the hyaluronic acid levels.

The Hyaluronic Molecule (€29,99)

“Visible healthy skin from the inside out” – source: FOUNTAIN

Review - FOUNTAIN molecules for a model skin: does it work?

Ingredients: water,sweetener xylitol, hyaluronic acid, natural ginger flavour, zingiber officinale root oil, potassium sorbate (preservative), citric acid (preservative).


Two teaspoons a day provide your body with “intense hydration that will make your skin look healthy, hydrated and natural from the inside out.” – source: FOUNTAIN

The facts

Hyaluronic acid is a space filler (call it wrinkle filler), shock absorber and hydrator. Comparable to silicone, really. That’s probably as well where the fluid got its jelly feel from. The taste is as soft as the texture: slightly sweet, with a hint of ginger.

Stir it in your water and you’ll barely taste it; think ‘Crystal Clear’. You can have two teaspoons a day, and considering my little ginger addiction, I had them mixed up with my sugarless ice tea, iced coffee, raw cacao mousse and energy balls. Consumed generously, I used about 70% of the bottle within 4 weeks. So I guess one bottle will give you enough hyaluronic acid for up to seven weeks.

My thoughts

After water and xylitol (a guilt-free type of sugar), hyaluronic acid is the third ingredient of this bottle. So hyaluronic levels are quite high, which comes in handy since hyaluronic is so hard to get. The soft zingiber officinale root oil helps your body to absorb the molecules.

The only turn off is the chemical preservative potassium sorbate, known as E202.

People started to wonder what cream I’d been using, ‘cause my skin was so glowy’

review FOUNTAIN Molecules
Yum! Raw cacao mousse with beauty molecules

Winning point though are the compliments I started to receive after using FOUNTAIN for two weeks. People started to wonder what cream I’d been using, ‘cause my skin was so glowy. I didn’t change cream, so I guess it has to be the hyaluronic acid …

Let’s summarize

+ Compliments: “Your skin glows!”

+ Soft taste of ginger

+ High dose of scarse hyaluronic acid

+ Easy to sneak into your beauty routine

– Preservative E202

The Super Green Molecule (€34,99)

Review FOUNTAIN Super Green Molecule

Ingredients: water, xylitol, Atlantic Kelp Complex (water, glycerin, Atlantic kelp powder), natural flavor, sodium copper chlorophyllin, hyaluronic acid, potassium sorbate (preservative).


Alfalfa chlorophyllin* stimulates anti-aging, your energy levels and general wellbeing. Kelp is well-known for its ability to hydrate tissues and control your weight.”– source: FOUNTAIN. It’s all yours with one teaspoon a day of FOUNTAIN’s Super Green molecule.

* part of the hyaluronic acid formula

The facts

What a green monster we’ve got here. Probably due to the 5th ingredient of this molecule fountain: sodium copper chlorophyllin. This has been made out of its stronger sister chlorophyll, which is also responsible for the color of green vegetables and plants like spinach, broccoli and rocket.

Gives your skin that glowy, ‘post detox’ look

The 3rd, dominant, ingredient is Atlantic kelp. So this bottle gives you a shot of seaweed and green leaves. Without making a funny face, ‘cause the drop of kiwifruit makes it taste ‘fruity’. To my taste the flavor is still a bit too artificial though. To resolve this, you can easily mix your teaspoon of Super Green Molecule with fruity juice, or a glass of water. I personally like to drizzle it onto a bowl of frozen fruit; the fluid will freeze too, which gives it a glazy look. Make sure you drink straight afterwards, or you’ll risk greenish teeth!

review FOUNTAIN Super Green Molecule
After 2 weeks I started receiving compliments about my skin

My thoughts

I added both of the bottles to my beauty routine at the same time. Two weeks later, like mentioned before, people started commenting on my skin. Mainly thanks to the blue bottle, the Hyaluronic Molecules, I guess. That one contains most hyaluronic acid, after all. But the Super Green Molecule cleanses your colon, which gives your skin that glowy, ‘post detox’ look. So it can be that one too.

I still feel like hibernation!

Frozen fruit with a glazy molcules layer

Got my bodyweight perfectly under control, but I recon that has more to do with my overall lifestyle. And how about the high energy level all that oxygen should provide? Nah, I still feel like hibernation!

Let’s summarize

+ Easy to add to your beauty routine

+ Contains 40 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins

+ 1 bottle lasts long due to the RDA of one teaspoon a day

– Low in hyaluronic acid

– The low RDA makes it even harder to take advantage of the hyaluronic acid

– Chemical preservative E202


Do you believe in the ability of molecule drinks to improve your skin? Would you consider trying it out? 


The bottles can be obtained at, from where they are shipped worldwide.

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* Questioning FOUNTAIN learned Angela that they could not confirm whether the molecules are risk-free to use during pregnancy


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