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EkoTown Lifestyle Festival 2014 entrance
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Report: Organic Lifestyle Festival EkoTown 2014

Follow a yoga lesson in the open air, drink organic wine in the hay while watching the cute Tangerine boys perform, cuddle with calves and lambs, chat with chickens, box with a handsome trainer, work up a sweat on heavy dance music, enjoy delish organic foods in the sun ….

This and more was all possible during EkoTown 2014 in the Amsterdam Forest: the first 100% organic lifestyle festival in the Netherlands.

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In-Vitro Burger Versus Mc²Burger: the Battle

What if … we can produce sustainable meat that doesn’t demand intensive farming or the slaughter of cattle? Reduce water spill, greenhouse gas emissions and other energy spill drastically? Bring livestock farming space down with 99% to protect our natural environment?  Can the in-vitro burger make our world better? And what about the mc²Burger?   Let the …