Runtastic launched a new workout app for iPhone and Android: the Butt Trainer, Exercises & Quick Workouts app. A conveniant app that helps you tone your glutes at home, without the use of equipment.

Apples and pears

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]uttocks come in many shapes: pear shape, apple shape, flat like a pancake, high, low and so on. Every woman has an opinion about hers: too small, too big, too flat, too round, too jiggly, too fat, too muscular, too narrow, too wide, too much cellulite, too much striae, okay, it’s ust there or, if you are really confident, just perfect. 

Beauty ideals

In general, the Western beauty ideal on the booty is a full, but not extremely large size, with a round or athletic shape. It’s quite different from the Latino beauty ideal, where they like bigger booties. In Brasil for instance, having curves is a a beauty ideal and butt implants are a common phenomena. 

Love your booty

Whatever shape you may have, for the sake of the functionality of your booty, you have to love yours; without a booty, you won’t have a comfortable seat and you won’t be able to move your legs.

That said, I do understand that sometimes we just like to beautify and tone up things. 

Work it!

The free Runtastic butt trainer workout app for iPhone/tablet and Android can help you with that.

With lots of butt workout routines and over 50 different instructional HD butt workouts video’s, the butt trainer app will help you create a little junk in the trunk and tighten a sloppy bottom. 

The app gives you butt workout routines that you can easily perform at home, without the use of equipment. You can choose the length of the exercise depending on how much time you want spend on your workout.

Getting stronger? The app offers difficulty level adjustability. Done working out? Share your workout on social media and sync your app with your MyFitnessPal app.



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