It’s Sunday! That means it’s time for shopping inspiration for foodies and fit girls. In this shopping Sunday I am sharing my black kitchen items wish list for our new home.

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1. Smeg fridge
I love Smeg fridges; they have such lovely 50’s feel and of course this one is in my favorite color black. I have always wanted a Smeg fridge. Unfortunately, a Smeg fridge did not really fit in with our current interior. Now that cooking and eating has taken an increasingly important role in my life, I think that we should design the kitchen interior of our next home around this Smeg fridge. You can shop this Smeg fridge here.

2. Kenwood food processor
I don’t really need this, because I already have this fine food processor. However, I was close to purchasing this fine item. It is so elegant! Besides that this processor just looks great, this is also a very decent machine. Kenwood’s quality is excellent. The only pitfall is that this machine falls into a slightly higher price category than the processor I bought earlier, but hey, this machine is not only a kitchen appliance, but also an eye catcher! You can shop this Kenwood kitchen friend here.

3. Primula espresso maker
For me this is pure nostalgia: when I was in Barcelona for a few months living with a posh lady, she always made coffee for me in her primula. I like primula’s in their original color, even more in black. You can find the black primula here.

4. Le Creuset cocotte
I don’t have a cocotte (also known as a casserole) yet, although a gem like this matte black one makes my heart beat faster. Mom always used to have a cocotte on the woodstove to very slowly cook meat. Of course you can also do this on a gas stove. Furthermore, such a cocotte is also great for making potato mashes. You can find this matte-black cocotte here.

 5. KOM serving spoons
These spoons with anthracite pearl grip give me that classic, vintage feeling. These spoons are nicely contrasting in a sleek, minimalistic interior. Shop them here.

6. Anchor Hocking recipe book standard
What else can I can say: this  Venetian-looking recipe standard is cool. You can find it here.

Which item on my wish list would you like to have?


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