Even if you are small build (which I think is beautiful!), wearing a sports bra is important. At least, if you want to protect your Cooper’s ligaments from stretching; the connective tissue that keeps breasts fresh and perky.

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]specially when you run or jump, these ligaments stretch a bit. In the long term this can cause saggy breasts. For many women this is something they prefer to prevent. If you are with them, I recommend to invest in a good sports bra.


There are very unsexy sports bra’s on the market. I am sure they do their work well, but as sports brand are becoming more fashionable, sports bra’s do so as well.


At the moment I am in need of a new sports bra, so I did a little online shopping. These came out as my favorite picks. I especially like the silver one from Reebok, but I haven’t decided yet. Is it too raunchy? Wel, I actually like a little raunchiness, and my boyfriend does so too, haha!


By the way, I have just discovered Polyvore. Such a nice medium! May I invite you to connect with me? This is the link to my account.


shopping sunday | sports bra's in 7 shades of grey


Nike Performance

Nike Performance


Only Play

H&M Sports 
€25 – hm.com

H&M Sports
€19 – hm.com


  1. How do you like my Polyvore set?
  2. Which bra do you like best?


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