”It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.” ~ Epictatus

Marianne about Bikini Body Stress: “I Hated Myself”

how to get a summer body

My hands are shaking as I’m trying on the bikini. I stare at my own reflection with tears in my eyes and feel myself getting nautious; physically nautious just from looking at myself. As I hear the salesclerk pace outside the fitting room, I cry in silence. All I see is fat and flab and cellulite. I am hideous.

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Break Through Obsessive Behavior and Fear for Weight Gain

how to break through obsessive behavior and fear to gain weight

Do you remember the e-mail I got from Joey in which she told us she suffered from obsessive health behavior and fear of gaining weight? In this article I get back to her e-mail with useful tips to help her break her unhealthy behavior. Additionally, I share tips from readers who recognized themselves in the story of Joey.

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Health at Every Size

health at every size - HAES

Last week I introduced you to plus-size model and advocate of diversity in size fashion and body acceptance Marianne. Every week she discusses a topic related to those concepts. Last week she discussed "Plus-Size Models in Straight-Size Fashion". Today Marianne discusses the concept of 'Health at Every Size'.

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