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Marianne about Plus Size Models and Padding

padding op een plussizemodel

Every week plus size model and advocate of size diversity in fashion and body acceptance Marianne Nykjaer discusses a topic related to these concepts. Last week she discussed “Body Love Bootcamp“. Today Marianne discusses on plus size models and padding.

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Marianne about Bikini Body Stress: “I Hated Myself”

how to get a summer body

My hands are shaking as I’m trying on the bikini. I stare at my own reflection with tears in my eyes and feel myself getting nautious; physically nautious just from looking at myself. As I hear the salesclerk pace outside the fitting room, I cry in silence. All I see is fat and flab and cellulite. I am hideous.

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Break Through Obsessive Behavior and Fear for Weight Gain

how to break through obsessive behavior and fear to gain weight

Do you remember the e-mail I got from Joey in which she told us she suffered from obsessive health behavior and fear of gaining weight? In this article I get back to her e-mail with useful tips to help her break her unhealthy behavior. Additionally, I share tips from readers who recognized themselves in the story of Joey.

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Skinny Mons Pubis is the New Thigh Gap

Hannah Davis on the cover of Sports Illustrated

How skinny is your mons pubis anyway? After the thigh gap and bikini bridge, it is the skinny mons pubis that is thè must have of the moment. Not "blessed" with a skinny mons? No problem: the cosmetic surgeon is happy to sucks away all the excessive fat on your pubic bone.

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Interview: Plus-Size Model Jana about Health, Body & Mind

plus size model Jana Voyvodich

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you might have read part 1 of this interview with my friend and super gorgeous fashion model Jana Voyvodich, in which she spoke about her plus-size modelling career, private life, BMI and health among models. I was also curious about Jana’s skin care routine (her olive skin is amazing, guys!), healthy lifestyle (I saw her snacking on almonds once), how she stays in shape for modelling and of course her favourite YOLO food. Read all about it in part 2 of her interview!

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