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Plog // Christmas with my Family

Merry Christmas, baby! Finally the best holiday of the year is here. I am spending these days with my family (dad, mom, brother, sister-in-law and boyfriend) and in-laws. Modeling is on hold these days although last minute jobs are not uncommon) and blogs are scheduled and published automatically. I will occasionally post on Instagram. If you'd like to follow my Christmas food pics, wake-up pics and totally useless selfies, you can do that here. Or here, because in this blog I will show you what I've been up to around Christmas in pictures (plog is a combination of photo and blog).

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Home Made Healthier Mulled Wine

healthier glühwein (mulled wine)

We are on the edge of Christmas and I look so much forward to it! What is nicer than a spending a few days with those I love most, to cook together and to great annoyance of my companion sing Georgies "Last Christmas" all day long in a very bad Christmas sweater? Well, all of that combined with a glass of mulled wine perhaps?

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6 Tips for a Skinnier Holiday Season

6 tips for a skinnier holiday season

Although Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge food fests, there is no reason to be afraid of packing up pounds during the Holiday season. Stick to these 6 tips and you won't grow out of your pants.

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Round-Up: My 15 All-Time Favorite Recipes

Raw brownie nut bites with maca

After two years of blogging on this website with great joy I have almost posted 100 healthy recipes - 96 to be exact. My recipes range from breakfast recipes to desserts and from vegan to omnivore. I have amongst others submitted 10 Christmas recipes, 8 Halloween recipes and 3 'Sinterklaas' recipes. 11 chocolate recipes and 5 bread recipes.

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Black Nike Christmas Gifts for Her (to give or get)

Black Nike Christmas Gifts for Her (to give or keep)

Yaaay, it’s almost Christmas! If you want to be sure that your boyfriend puts something useful for you under the tree this year, then simply share this blog with him. Let’s face it: did you know that Nike has such cool, wearable items for chicks in its collection?          

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