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Interview: Top Makeup Artist Saskia Prefers Natural

Every now and then you meet someone that changes your life. Unexpectedly. By a joke, a comment or an advice. Saskia did that to me. While she created five (!) chemical free beauty looks on one day, she taught me stuff that has transformed my beauty routine into simple, but effective. Today you're lucky to learn from her too. 'Cause guess what: she's having a chat with model Deborah (remember her interview series?) for Great Body & Skin!

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Fashion Model Friday: Deborah’s Skin Care Routine

Deborah Schoutema (Ulla Models)

Fashion Model Friday is a series of interviews with prominent fashion models from all over the world that have an inspiring message. In the last part of her three-part interview series Deborah (mother agency Ulla Models) gives us an insight in her natural skin care routine.

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Interview: Plus-Size Model Jana about Health, Body & Mind

plus size model Jana Voyvodich

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you might have read part 1 of this interview with my friend and super gorgeous fashion model Jana Voyvodich, in which she spoke about her plus-size modelling career, private life, BMI and health among models. I was also curious about Jana’s skin care routine (her olive skin is amazing, guys!), healthy lifestyle (I saw her snacking on almonds once), how she stays in shape for modelling and of course her favourite YOLO food. Read all about it in part 2 of her interview!

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