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Make Your Own Raw Vegan Sushi Maki Rolls

Raw vegan sushi rolls

Like many others, I am a big fan of sushi: maki, nigiri, California rolls, temaki … you name it, I love it! However, there is one thing about sushi and the sushi hype that is very disappointing to me, making going out with friends at a nice sushi place get a nasty aftertaste.

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Recipe: Thai Style Spring Rolls

 Last month I had my first spring rolls in an Asian restaurant. They were incredably good: crispy, fresh and light. I decided to make my own clean, healthy spring rolls. In this article I am sharing the super easy recipe with you.

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Vegan Coconut-Oatmeal Breakkie with Fruit & Nuts

I haven’t had this lovely tummy warmig breakkie in a long time, I missed it! Why it’s so good: this breakkie is vegan, making use of coconut milk instead of i.e. cowmilk. Hurray for that! Furthermore, this bowl of tummy love may help you shift excess fat by balancing your blood sugar level and hormonal levels.

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No Seeds, No Glory!

I found this really great snack in my local supermarket (PLUS) the other day: Leev Roasted Seeds, a perfect snack for women in their menopause and on a diet.

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