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How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?

Personal: How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?

Funny, I actually wanted to write a complete other kind of article for tomorrow, but now that I'm reading back the article, it has become quite ... eh ... personal, and now I am in doubt whether to publish it or not. Yet, I'm publishing it anyway. Because I hope that my story can make clear that a 'healthy lifestyle' sometimes isn't really healthy. As I hope to inspire those to have more self-kindness. To turn the tide.

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Advice Needed: What Should I Do?

I'm a little lost. Lost in translation. I do not know whether I should continue writing in English or in English and Dutch, or in Dutch only. In this article I'll tell you why I consider this. I also want to be transparent about the ads on my site.

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Personal Update: 25 Food Questions Tag

25 food questions

Pauline Weuring has an inspiring recipe blog with lovely food photo's. On her blog I found the '25 food questions' tag. I very much liked her questions and so I asked her if I could use her tag on my own blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you a little bit more about 'the face' behind this blog and my relationship with food. So here I am, asking myself (weird!) 25 questions about food:

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