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Healthy Tropical Fruit Salad

Tropische fruitsalade

You know how you can have less appetite during summer and more need for light, fresh snacks. A good opportunity to increase your fruit intake with an exotic fruit salad that you make in an instant.

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How To Substitute White Sugar for Natural Sugar

amount of sugar in food visualized

As a frequent visitor, you probably have noticed that all the recipes at Great Body & Skin are refined sugar free. That's good for you to know, as these processed sugars have no benefit to your body. Besides providing you with energy, natural sugars provide your body with valuable nutrients. Reason enough to replace 'empty' white sugar by natural sugars. But how do you do that?

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Round-Up: My 15 All-Time Favorite Recipes

Raw brownie nut bites with maca

After two years of blogging on this website with great joy I have almost posted 100 healthy recipes - 96 to be exact. My recipes range from breakfast recipes to desserts and from vegan to omnivore. I have amongst others submitted 10 Christmas recipes, 8 Halloween recipes and 3 'Sinterklaas' recipes. 11 chocolate recipes and 5 bread recipes.

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How To Make a Healthy Cake + 5 Favorite Recipes

Vegan raspberry 'cheese' cake with a tangy sweet raspberry topping soft, creamy vanilla lime 'cheese' filling and crunchy, salted almond date crust

Your model friend is coming for tea, and now you’re wondering what to you serve her with her cup of tea? Dear friends of models: take note! In this article you will find tips to make healthy, reined sugar free, gluten free cake. I also share my five favorite recipes for healthy cake. These delicious healthy cakes are perfect to serve your model friendy with her cup of tea next time you have a date with her.

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