A ten day fast and being tube feeded. The Ken diet is the newest weight loss method, but already controversial.






The KEN diet – or the Ketogenic Eternal Nutrition diet – is a controversial weight loss method, in which the patient fasts for ten days and is being tube feeded during these days. Through this tube, proteins are directly pumped into the patients stomach during the ten day procedure.

Professor Gianfranco Capello, who developed the diet, claims that it is possible to lose 5 to 10%  body weight in only ten days. Professior Capello furthermore says that it is necessary not to eat anything during the treatment and that working out meanwhile will help you keep the weight off after the treatment.

The price for this treatment is € 1.600,-. Do you think the money is well spent and this is a good way to lose weight?  If you would have access to this treatment, would you follow it?  Or have you done a treatment similar to this one yourself before? Or do you have your doubts or do you even disapprove of this treatment? Let me know by leaving your comment below!


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