Are you “blessed” with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (a.k.a. cold sores)? Does your cold sore pop up as soon as the sun comes out? You can now prevent another outbreak with this pill.

How L-lysine works

With an L-lysine pill, to be exact. L-lysine is a natural, essential amino acid. This means that your body doesn’t make L-lysine itself; you need to get your L-lysine from diet or supplements. 

L-lysine helps cure a herpes simplex virus outbreak and prevent another outbreak. For me, L-lysine has helped me for many years in order to prevent a cold sore. I now notice the difference being pregnant and not being able to supplement with L-lysine. The result: the first rays of sunshine show themselves and I immediately have cold sores  on my lip*. This has learned me that after my pregnancy, when the first rays of sunshine show themself again, I will make sure to be taking my L-lysine supplements again to prevent another cold sore.


Deze Pil Voorkomt en Geneest een Koortslip
Happier times 😉


* It might also be that I have that cold sore due to my pregnancy, but I can’t be sure about that.


So how to use a L-lysine supplement to prevent cold sores? Practical advice is to, especially in summer, take a L-lysine supplement on a maintenance dose. You hereby use 500 mg of L-lysine per day (these 500 mg pills are vegan). Combine this with a 1000 mg vitamin C supplement (these are vegan as well), which ensures that your immune system remains optimal, as a lowered immune system can contribute to an outbreak.

Has the cold sore already appeared on your lip? Increase the L-lysine dose as long as the sores are active. During those days you may take 3 doses of 1000 mg per day.


Note: Pregnant women are advised not to take a L-lysine supplement. They better limit themselves to a vitamin C supplement and a zinc sulfate gel (this is the fastest way to treat cold sores; ask about it at your pharmacy).

Additional tips

Finally, I give you some additional tips to help you decrease the risk of developing cold sores and help existing cold sores cure fast: 

  • touch cold sores as little as possible;
  • make sure you get enough sleep;
  • drink enough;
  • use a zinc sulfate gel;
  • take a 1000 mg vitamin C supplement;
  • avoid stress;
  • do not use lipstick from another person;
  • wahs your hands frequently;
  • do not rub your eyes with your hands;
  • limit intake of arginine to help outbreaks. Arganine can be found in a.o. oatmeal, peanuts, nuts and chocolate.

Cold sores and modeling

Are you a model? Be wise; call your booker as soon as possible to inform him or her about your cold sores. Because of the high infectiousness, it is really not okay to appear on set with cold sores, especially if the cold sores come unannounced to the makeup artist.

Image source: Flickr/Helga Weber


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