[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou just got home after a photo shoot, an intensive day of running across the city from casting to casting or you are just too lazy to go to the gym. I completely understand, believe me! I can be very, very lazy and crazy tired as well.

Although I like to go to the gym, sometimes I just can’t (being on a trip with a team and no gym in the hotel makes going to a gym kind of impossible) or don’t feel like going (too cold outside, bad hear day, smelly armpits … you name it). In such cases, a YouTube workout video saves my ass. And so will these 5 free home workout channels and platforms save yours (yes, figuratively, as well as literally speaking).       

1. DoYogaWithMe.com
Browse yoga video’s by difficulty, length, style, teacher, pose and popularity.
DoYogaWithMe.com also features meditation, breathing and anatomy video’s, an online community and a blog.

2. BodyRock.tv
HIIT workout video’s (you will have to get used to the in your face tits and ass), nutrition and fat loss/blocker guides (paid), 30 day challenge and fitness tips and info. BodyRock also has an app with a highly involved users community.

lisa marie, the host of BodyRock.tv, makes women and men sweat!

3. BeFit 
A platform that features all kinds of home workout video’s, ranging from a ’30 Day Fat Burn: Legs and Butt Shaper Workout’, ‘Yoga Stretching Workout’ (with Jane Fonda!) to a ‘Metabolic Booster Workout’ and weekly bootcamp workouts.

4. eFit30  
Another  platform that features all kinds of home workout video’s, ranging from a ‘7 Minute Dips on a Chair’, ‘Strong Flow Yoga Full 50 Minutes Workout’ to a ‘Pilates Flat Abs’ and ‘7 Minute Lateral Lunges’ video. The website also features a BMI calculator, a healthy weight resource (these resources seem not to excist on the website when I click the link. Hopefully it works for you!), meal and activity planner (on sign up), recipes and a bootcamp diet program. Definately a winner!

5. Fitness Blender 
An online platform with workout (HIIT/cardio/stretching) video’s (with approximate calorie burn stated). You can browse the video’s by length, difficulty, minutes and body focus (total/lower body, core). The website furthermore features mealplans for an 8 week, 4-rounds fat loss program (paid) and articles about nutrition, user transformations stories and recipes.

Question of the day: what’s your favorite free workout video platform?


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