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Beauty & skin care tips from model-to-model! How to go to castings? How to treat sensitive skin? You’ll find the answers right here!

My Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

pregnancy skin care routine

I'm currently in my 39th week of pregnancy. The requests for modeling jobs are still coming in. The question that is - rightly - being asked is how the quality of my skin is. Despite raging hormones, I'm happy to say it's good. Today I'll tell you more about my skin care routine during my pregnancy.

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How To Drink More Water


My best beauty tip and that of other models? It's unexpectedly simple and inexpensive: water, water and again: water. Drinking enough water ensures a moisturized skin. A moisturized skin that is more elastic, looks fuller and shows fewer signs of aging. It also helps prevent impurities like blackheads and pimples through better detoxification.

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