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This Pill Prevents and Treats Cold Sores

L-Lysine to treat herpes virus

Are you "blessed" with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (a.k.a. cold sores)? Does your cold sore pop up as soon as the sun comes out? You can now prevent another outbreak with this pill.

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Win 2 Bottles FOUNTAIN Beauty Molecules Worth € 90 – closed

win fountain beauty molecules

Last Tuesday Deborah's review on FOUNTAIN Beauty Molecules appeared online. I announced that you can win two of the bottles of molecules: The Beauty Molecule and The Phyto-Collagen Molecule. From today on you can win these € 90, - worth bottles here at Great Body & Skin! Wondering what they can do for your skin and how to win them? Read on!

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Review: Bio Oil Against Stretch Marks

Bio-Oil review

A while ago I got a very nice gift with pregnancy congratulations from Bio Oil. Bio-Oil! Bio-Oil was on my wish-list for quite a while. Now that I'm pregnant it is especially a product I want to try. After my pregnancy I will continue modeling; Bio-Oil can help me prevent stretch marks. Bio-Oil has been used by pregnant women to limit and prevent stretch marks since 1987. Bio-Oil, however, has more benefits for your skin; pregnant or not pregnant. Read on for more information!

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Interview: Top Makeup Artist Saskia Prefers Natural

Every now and then you meet someone that changes your life. Unexpectedly. By a joke, a comment or an advice. Saskia did that to me. While she created five (!) chemical free beauty looks on one day, she taught me stuff that has transformed my beauty routine into simple, but effective. Today you're lucky to learn from her too. 'Cause guess what: she's having a chat with model Deborah (remember her interview series?) for Great Body & Skin!

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How To Get Rid of Dark Under-Eye Circles

How to get rid of dark circles

I regularly get asked if I know how to get rid of dark undereye cirkles; a good reason to write down some words about this topic! In this article I differentiate puffiness from dark under-eye circles, list probable causes of dark under-eye circles and suggest ways to get rid of the latter.

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Diy Natural & Easy Coffee Face Mask

diy natural coffee face mask

(NL) Goedemorgen beauty, heb je fijne feestdagen gehad? Laat geworden? Voor mij wel; veel te gezellig geweest allemaal! Ik had dan ook veel aan dit DIY natuurlijke koffiemasker. Koffie helpt namelijk om de gezwollenheid in je gezicht na een nachtje doorhalen te verminderen.

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Why I Stopped Using The Tanning Bed

why i stopped using the solarium

My boyfriend Maarten and I follow the Dutch series "Over Mijn Lijk" ("Over My Dead Body"), in which young people who will die from disease are followed until death. In the series we see 27-year old Mark die from skin cancer. Mark has motivated and inspired me. I'd like to tell you more about that.

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Fashion Model Friday: Deborah’s Skin Care Routine

Deborah Schoutema (Ulla Models)

Fashion Model Friday is a series of interviews with prominent fashion models from all over the world that have an inspiring message. In the last part of her three-part interview series Deborah (mother agency Ulla Models) gives us an insight in her natural skin care routine.

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