With all those indulgencies featured on my blog, I totally see why my model colleague didn’t understand that I haven’t grown huge yet …

 … especially when I look back at last month, lol! 



Not ‘Paris Thin’
The statement made me think: maybe my blog readers think the same and don’t understand how I maintain my physique with all those delicious chocolate, ice cream and cake recipes on my blog. I mean, with a hip size of 90+ I am not what they call ‘Paris thin’, but being just over 90, I am far from being ‘huge’ (although ‘huge’ is relative concept). 

Stuff My Face with Chocolate
So I thought I’d set something straight: although every single chocolate, cupcake, muffin and cake recipe on my blog is utterly healthy, beautifying, probably most of them can even boost your mood and sex drive (yay!), I don’t stuff my face with them al day every day. SURPRISE! 

So What Dó I Eat?
On a particular day, I eat quite regular stuff (that, people, is also a relative concept). I recently started sharing my food diary’s to give you a little insight on that and to help you create your own healthy meals.

Furthermore, I have created a convenient 5-day meal plan for you to use as an example or inspiration to create your own meals. This meal plan is based on what I eat (or would eat, as every single day in my life is different food-wise). 

[checklist]Find the first food diary here[/checklist]

[checklist]Find the second food diary here[/checklist]

[checklist]Find the convenient 5-day healthy meal plan here[/checklist]

A Treat is a Treat
Those yummy ice cream, cake, muffin, cupcake and chocolate treats? Sometimes I have them every day, sometimes I don’t have them in a week, sometimes I have multiple of these treats a day.

The way I treat these recipes is as follows: they are healthier versions of ‘regular’ treats that you can find in the supermarket. These treats are full of nutrients, so whenever I have my own treat, I am not only rewarding my salavary glands, but also my health, body ànd beauty!

To Count Calories or Not To Count Calories
There’s a ‘but”, though. Healthy treats can be quite calorie-rich. You might think now “what’s up with calorie counting? That’s so 2013!” I know not everybody cares for caloric intake. Toad from Primal Toad for instance is convinced that you shouldn’t count calories, as

“you may become obsessed with calorie counting. You may buy low fat this, fat free that. Can you lose fat doing this? Certainly. But it’s far from healthy. You are not getting all the nutrients your body desires”.

With respect to Toad’s statement, I disagree with this reason not to count calories for two reasons:

a) It doesn’t have to be trouble to buy highly nutritious food while keeping track of calories. My 5-day meal plan is a great example of this.

b) When your profession requires a certain physique, it can sometimes be necessary to count calories and look after your energy balance (calories in vs. out). This mechanism has long way back been proved responsible for weight management and to date there is no evidence that there is another mechanism responsible for this. For example: people on a detox diet that lose a lot of weight might think their weight loss is due to detoxification, but in fact, their caloric intake is drastically lower as usual, which induces weight loss.

Because of my profession that requires a certain physique and because of the calorie balance theory (Atwater et al., 1899), I have my healthy treats with moderation. Although weight (I actually don’t pay attention to my weight, rather to body fat) is dependent on multiple factors (e.g. hormones), this is one of the reasons I ‘haven’t grown huge yet’.

Should you count calories? Well, Toad doès have a point regarding obsessing about calories. Counting calories can become an obsession and it can even be dangerous for some people. But counting calories can be very helpful if you want to reach or maintain a certain physique. I would say it depends on your profession; don’t bother about it if your profession doesn’t require a certain physique. If it does (model, dancer, actress), give it a try, preferably with a professional!  I have written something about that in this post, which includes a formula that roughly calculates your caloric need.

Last but not least: be honest and utterly kind to yourself: as soon as counting calories becomes an unhealthy obsession: STOP! 


What can you learn from this?
Stick to a normal, varied diet, like I do. Enjoy the chocolate, cupcake, muffin and cake recipes on my blog, but treat them as treats. Just don’t eat them all day every day and you’ll be good!





Further readings:
Atwater, W. O. (1899) Experiments on the metabolism of matter and energy in the human body.Washington, Govt. Print. Off.


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