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With over 2.850 Facebook likes (thank you!!), an increasing amount of visitors that find their way to my website (double thanks!) and last months attention for running your first 5 K’s, it is time for a celebration with presents that support your first 5 K. Yay!

I am going to pamper two of you with presents that support your healthy lifestyle. Psst: anyone can enter the give-away, regardless of location!

About the presents

Considering the attention I give to safely and carefully building running mileage on my blog this month (see Running | I’ll Be Your Guide To a Pain Free 5K and 12 Tips | Run an Injury Free 5K in 4 Weeks), it might not be a surprise that the presents that I am giving away reflect this theme. So what exactly do the presents consist of?

Saucony Kinvara 5 Women’s running shoes

I have arranged 2 packages of presents (worth € 350,- in total): 1 big package worth € 214,- and 1 smaller package worth € 134,95. Both packages include the very cool Saucony Kinvara 5 Women’s running shoe (aaaah!) in coral or baby blue.

Saucony Kinvara 5 women's Saucony Kinvara 5 women's

A few specs:

  • flexible
  • better ankle fit and comfort
  • adaption to foot shape
  • light weight
  • 4mm heel-to-toe offset for a natural run.

More specs on the Saucony website.

How awesome would it be if I can give someone of you that just started running, but doesn’t have good quality running shoes yet, a pair of Saucony’s to support pain free, safe runs?!

Multi vitamins

A sporty lifestyle asks for a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. To support your sporty lifestyle and to make sure you don’t miss out on micro nutrients, I will also pamper one of you with a 1 year supply of multi vitamins (Vitaminstore private label). The 2nd price winner will be supplied with a 1 month supply of multi vitamins.

multi vitaminen

In summary:

Package 1 | Worth € 214,-
The package for the first price winner contains 1 pair of Saucony Kinvara 5 Women’s running shoes in coral or blue (the 1st price winner decides on the color) and a 1 year supply of Vitaminstore private label multi vitamins. 

Package 2 | Worth € 134,95
The package for the second price winner contains 1 pair of Saucony Kinvara 5 Women’s running shoes in coral or blue (the 1st price winner decides on the color, the 2nd price winner receives the color left) and a 1 month supply of Vitaminstore private label multi vitamins.

How to win one of the give-away’s

Easy peasy! All you have to do is the following:

  1. Like my Facebook page if you haven’t yet. 
  2. Reply in the comments below with your desired shoe color and shoe size. 
  3. Optional: tweet about this give-away to increase your chance of winning.
  4. Optional: follow, regram & tag me on Instagram.

Use the form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This give-away starts at July 9th, 4 p.m. (GMT+2) and ends at July 23rd at 12 a.m.

Didn’t win? Shop your Kinvara 5’s starting from $ 78.

Hope you like the give-aways! Good luck & xo,


About Angela

Hey! I'm Angela; a 30-something mommy and a now REAL #fitchick, digi nerd, photo & film shooter hobbyist, MSc specialized in Health Education, marketingspecialist and an international fashion model for 20 years. I've worked for eg. Viktor & Rolf, Nivea, Escada, Elle, Vogue and Glamour. I write about everything that I find worth sharing. Go ahead an take a look around. Don't hesitate to share your thought sor opinions. Enjoy!


  1. Hi,

    I was the first place winner of this contest, but I still have not received my running shoes. I did receive my multi-vitamins, which are great, but I was wondering if the shoes were coming or not. I am grateful for winning the giveaway, but I am disappointed in the lack of communication and the fact that I have not received my prize yet. I hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you

    • Angela Willemse

      Hi Catherine, good to hear you received your vitamins and are happy with them! I am very sorry to hear that you never received this price though. I contacted the PR agency that arranged this give-away and is in touch with the sponsor Saucony (who is responsible for sending you the shoes) to ask them what had happened. As soon as I hear from them, I will get in touch with you again.

      I am also sorry to hear that you have the feeling that there is a lack of communication. Can I make it up to you by sending you extra voucher codes to shop at Vitaminstore?

      So, let’s keep in touch, I am doing my upmost best to get this solved!


  2. Ik vind je blog al een tijdje. Erg inspirerend!
    Size 38, coral!

  3. Li La Love this and the coral shoes! 🙂 This will be the perfect gift for my new PR on the 10k. My normal shoe size is 38

  4. Mooi, maat 37 koraal

  5. Ik kijk regelmatig op je blog voor tips over voeding en sport en kwam zomaar deze fijne winactie tegen! Ik wil super graag de koraal kleurige schoenen in maat 40 winnen (als ze klein vallen zoals veel sportschoenen 41) omdat ik sinds een paar weken begonnen ben met buiten hardlopen. Dit bevalt mij ontzettend goed en wil ik vooral veel blijven doen om fit te worden/blijven voor modellenwerk! Ook haal ik er echt plezier uit om steeds iets verder of sneller te rennen en goede schoenen kunnen daar natuurlijk goed bij helpen. Ik ren nu op de schoenen die ik ook binnen in de sportschool gebruik, niet ideaal dus en het zijn tevens vrij oude schoenen. Deze schoenen winnen zou dus heeel goed uitkomen! 🙂

  6. Ik ben onlangs weer begonnen met sporten! Een mooi paar Saucony Kinvara’s maat 39 in de kleur Koraal zou echt super goed van pas komen bij de lessen bodypump bodyattack en het hardlopen! Afwisselen is leuker dan iedere keer dezelfde schoenen aan! Met de multivitaminen erbij moet het helemaal goed komen! Ik wil dit super leuke pakket wel winnen!

  7. So nice give-away. Somebody will be very happy! 🙂 Love to read your posts. My size EU 38, color blue. Good luck.

  8. Wow love this Give away! I’m a huge fan off your blog and after my first year at college, (did live the (not so) healthy student life) I gained the first five.These shoes (and supplements) would be the perfect motivation, to ban my old habits and start a new (but this time) real healthy student life 🙂

    I’m a Dutch size 40.5 – 41 and love the coral one 🙂

  9. Wow, wat n giveaway! Net begonnen met hardlopen en nu al verslaafd! Ik zou heel graag op de koraalrode schoenen mijn rondje doen, ik heb (mijn normale schoenen) maat 39

  10. Volg je website al een hele tijd:) vooral fan van de recepten. Nu zwanger van mijn eerste kindje, straks als de kleine er is wil ik weer lekker gaan hardlopen dus die mooie coral running shoes zouden geweldig zijn 🙂 maat 38

  11. Love your blog! Is altijd 1 van mijn leukere internetmomenten van de week! Ik ren momenteel op oude Asics, merk dat ik veel belasting heb op m’n knieën en voeten. Zou gaaf zijn als ik de koraal kleur zou winnen in maat 39. Dan kan ik eindelijk misschien m’n volgende doel waarmaken/bereiken: het halen van de 10km!

  12. I’m a US 9 and would love the hot pink

  13. Madelon Janssen-Nouwen

    I love your website and the way you deal with healthy food and exercise, it gives me a lot of inspiration! Great competition, I would love to win the coral shoes, size 38.

  14. My wife is a size 10.5 US, or 10 Can, or 10 wide US, or 11 Can/US. Any color would suit her.

    Thanks for being so generous! Perhaps I’ll have the chance to offer these to my wife one morning with a side of coffee… then back away slowly till the coffee is consumed. 🙂

  15. Wat een supervette actie!!! Ik heb de oldschool heavy ass Asics die het mn knieën erg lastig maken om te rennen. De Coral ones in maat 37 zouden een geschenk uit de hemel zijn;)
    Lekker bezig chica!!!!!

  16. Great give away for my gf! Her shoe size: 39 (EUR)

  17. I love this blog! Thank you for having this awesome giveaway! I love running. I wear a size 7 (US) and I like the Coral ones 🙂

  18. My favorite shoe! I love the blue color and I’m a size 10 US 🙂 Have a spectacular day!

  19. Wat een leuke actie! Ik doe graag mee. De coral shoes maat 38 🙂 zal ook even twitteren. En gefeliciteerd dat de blog zo goed gaat!

  20. Wat leuk!!!! Maat 39 koraal… love it!

  21. Wouw, a new give away action! I’m a fan of your page and like your comments etc. Thanks for all your help to eat and live healthier!
    You supported me to run and I noticed that I must go with the right shoes. Well, I started to run and I am fine, but my running shoes are not.
    So, I hope to win one of these, coral or blue. Both are good and adorable!
    And if it is to win with the vitamines, well that will be superthesup! 😉

    Size 40,5 if possible. Now hoping and looking forward to your new comments, Angela!

  22. By the way, size 38,5! 😀 Make my day!

  23. Coole winactie! Jouw recepten (glutenvrij brood van boekweit-, kokos- en teff-meel én de boekweitpannenkoekjes zijn favoriet!), de multivitaminen (hallo vegetariër!) én die mooie schoenen zijn een totaalpakketje om eens flink aan mijn conditie te gaan werken! Mocht ik winnen, dan zou ik graag de koraalkleurige Saucony hardloopschoenen krijgen in maat 38/38,5. Anyways, keep up the good work!! 🙂

  24. Awesome!! After you helped me improve my skin, made my day with your luscious coconut strawberry cake (yes, the enthusiastic replies on your sensitive skin blog and cake recipe are from the same person;) big fan over here) and practically guided me into a healthier lifestyle it’s time to make my feet shine like craaazeh! I still use my old trainers (men’s kswiss ohmy!) and I drool when I see the coral ones. When I run the thought ‘I run for my body, I don’t care about my shoes’ always crosses my mind but I guess if I really 100 percent didn’t care I wouldn’t be thinking it in the first place;) Help me out Angela!

  25. Wat een leuke winactie! Ik ben begonnen met hardlopen in februari met het programma van Evy en heb vorige maand mijn eerste vijf kilometer wedstrijd uitgelopen in 30 minuten. De motivatie heb ik helemaal gevonden en ik ben nu hard bezig om richting de 10 kilometer te gaan en mijn snelheid omhoog te krijgen. Ik loop alleen nog op hele zware schoenen die ik ooit eens voor 30 euro heb gekocht en ik denk dat deze Saucony’s me zeker kunnen helpen om mijn doelen te bereiken! Ik heb het liefst de koraalkleurige en mijn normale schoenmaat is 39. Nu hoorde ik laatst dat je hardloopschoenen altijd wat groter moet kopen, dus in dat geval zal ik een 39,5 of 40 nodig hebben denk ik.

  26. This is a fabulously generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance – I’d love either color but prefer the blue and am a size 10.5 US.

  27. I must stop for a little while but hope to restart with real running shoes, these baby blue shoes. I prefer these baby blue ones but the coral ones are also very nice.
    I have size 40 and will be glad if I will be the lucky winner of these shoes or else the other price. 😉
    Thanx for all the nice posts.

  28. Size 40, Color baby blue!

  29. Perfect! New running gear to start a new period in my life! I’m Dutch size 38 in running shoes, and as I now run in blue shoes, I prefer the coral ones!

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