Hello dear readers! It’s been a while since I shared something with you about my workout regimen.Therefore, today I give you an update on this. However, do I actually have something new to report in this area? Sure do!

Last Sunday I participated in a GRIT strength workout – a new workout by Les Mills -: very heavy, but (or rather ‘therefore’) so much fun! 

Last Sunday joined a GRIT training workout. I can tell you right now: it was intense. Until almost hyperventilating and throwing up. 

What exatly is GRIT-strength?

GRIT-strength is part of a diptych (GRIT-strength and GRIT-cardio) by Les Mills. In short, is GRIT-strength a “30-minute high intensitiy interval training that you can convince to go hard, push yourself, and super fast fitter.’s Short sharp demanding exercises combine weight lifting, running and plyometrics to a full body workout that aerobic capacity, strength, muscular endurance, boosts metabolism and nutrition. ” Source: Les Mills

Alrighty then, Sounds great!

What do I think?

I can truely say that I had so much fun! I alsmost died in there, which I think is a good thing, lol! I do have to mention though my the intention was to first join a GRIT-strength training and a GRIT-cardio training right after (because I’d burn even more cal’s). Honestly though, even a gym rat and slightly sadomasochitisch person when it comes to sports like me, I couldn;t bare to join a lesson GRIT-cardio after my GRIT-strength training.  It was just too heavy. Which is good, right?! Ha!

How does it work?

GRIT-strength is about doing lots of rep’s, working with barbells, jumping and using body weight. Like I said: lot’s of fun! For more info: just watch the video above and get inspired to sign up for your 1st GRIT-training!


Have you ever done a Les Mills GRIT-training? Did you like it? Would you be interestied in a GRIT-cardio workout)?

Leave your comment in the comments below!

Tip: interested in this workout, but prefer to workout at home? You might want to try yoga at home with Bryan or good old Insanity.


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