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Personal: How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?
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How To Train your Fat Percentage as Low as Possible?

Funny, I actually wanted to write a complete other kind of article for tomorrow, but now that I’m reading back the article, it has become quite … eh … personal, and now I am in doubt whether to publish it or not. Yet, I’m publishing it anyway. Because I hope that my story can make clear that a ‘healthy lifestyle’ sometimes isn’t really healthy. As I hope to inspire those to have more self-kindness. To turn the tide.

Wish-List: Ballet Inspired Nike Workout Clothes
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Wish-List: Ballet Inspired Nike Workout Clothes

When I was a little girl, I was a fanatic ballet dancer. I even remember that when mom and I went out for grocery shoppings, I walked next to her tip-toeing, telling mom I reaaally couldn’t walk on my feet in a normal way anymore. In the years that followed I continued dancing, my preference for dancing evolved from classical ballet, to jazz ballet, to disco dancing to dancing at home, as my moves have become slightly embaressing at this point (yeah well, I have a boyfriend now, so having great dance moves is not my first concern anymore).

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Candice Swanepoel’s Full-Body Ballet Workout

What a pleasure to look at this video. This woman moves so graceful and elegant! Light as a feather and with gentle movements Candice Swanepoel (IMG Models) gambols through the screen. I think back at my own experiences with classical ballet and wonder if I should sign up with a ballet studio soon (my gym unfortunately doesn’t offer ballet booty barre yet). I have ballet jitters!