I always find it interesting to check on the back-end of my blog which articles are most read. This gives me together with the feedback that I get in the comments a good insight on what you and other readers are most interested in on my blog. This is important to me, as I want to serve my readers with content they are interested in. 

Anyway, I want to give a little insight on the articles that got the most views last year. If you have missed out on one or more of them, than this is a good opportunity to check them out now.


Do Bananas Make You Gain Weight?

A post about the truth or falseness about banana’s causing weight gain.


2. DIY: Natural Spf 40 Sunblock with Coconut Oil, Carrot Seed Oil and Essential Oil

This post was especially popular in summer, when people were looking for natural remedies for sun protection.


3. The Insanity Beach Body Workout

I think Insanity will stay popular for ever. It is a very motivating training program that you can do at home.


4. Lara Stone Shows Post-Pregnancy Body in Unretouched Editorial (NSFW)

Lara gave birth to a baby son last year. Her body clearly shows marks of her pregnancy, and she flaunts them in this editorial.


5. Luscious Strawberry Coconut Cake { Egg, Lactose & Gluten Free }

I can imagine this recipe still gets lots of traffic; it is my favorite recipe!



Now you know that I find it important to get insight on what my readers are interested in: what kind of articles do you like to read best on my blog? Which were especially your most favorite ones? What kind of articles would you like to read more of? You can leave your reply in the comments below. Thanks in advance!


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