Being pregnant is the most beautiful thing there is. Yes, those 3 extra chin hairs, belly button fur and the fact that your hair is dull included.

In this article I’ll tell you more about the changes my body, apart from a growing belly, has undergone up to this point in my pregnancy. I’ll also tell you more about inconveniences, modeling and things that I’ve done in the context of my pregnancy. Finally, I briefly treat subjects I got questions about regarding my pregnancy.

Pelvic instability
About a month ago I noticed that my pelvis became softer. This is also called pelvic instability. I told you more about it in this article. Softening of the pelvis is essential in order to make space for the baby and to facilitate the delivery and is therefore desirable. It does cause some pelvic pain though.

To prevent or minimize pain, I try to take things easier. This means I won’t clean the house and work out on 1 day. I avoid using stairs and am careful with lifting and bending. In a subsequent article, I will elaborate on pelvic instability (if you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive an e-mail notification of new articles).

Pregnancy swimming
2 weeks ago I took a course pregnancy swimming. At first I thought this wasn’t my cup of tea, but against expectations I loved it! I am definitely planning to attend more swimming courses.

Pregnancy fitness
Followed this lesson for the first time yesterday. The good thing about this class is that you work on minimizing pelvic instability complaints under the supervision of a physical therapist.  In the next 2 months, I will attend this class 2 times a week.

When I just got pregnant they became fuller and heavier, about the same size as during my period. They haven’t grown much after. Chances are they will though during the next 2 months.

This is the first milk that can leak from your breasts even as early as the 5th month of pregnancy. I have no experience with leaking breasts yet.

During the 3rd trimester it is recommended to eat 300 kcal extra as this the additional amount that you burn due to your pregnancy. I haven’t noticed an increased appetite, although I have a greater need for sweet. My base remains healthy, but I regularly give in to my sweet tooth. This can be in the form of fresh fruit, but also in the form of an ice-cream, half a bag of jelly beans or chocolate. I do try to limit eating candy-ish food though, as I am already responsible for the formation of fat cells in my baby’s body. I haven’t had any genuine pregnancy food binges after the one I had earlier.

Toegeven aan mijn zoetbehoefte: lekker een ijsje eten in bad
Giving in to my sweet tooth: eatng ice cream in bath

Reading tip: Oh no: my 1st pregnancy food binge!

… is growing steadily. Even during the day my belly grows (but looks tinier in the morning, so I guess it’s mainly intestinal content I see in the eve). 

Tip: also read part 2 of my 31 weeks pregnancy update.

Would you like to know more about my skin and weight during pregnancy, fluid retention and chin hair? Please go to the next page.

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