Curvy model Jana Voyvodich about pimples: “I’m not perfect – far from it if you ask me, and I am totally fine with it”. As far as I’ve seen, Jana’s olive skin with some cute freckles – Jana is a mixture of Irish, Dutch, Russian and native American – ìs perfect though, so you’d better read on!

Fashion Model Friday is a series of interviews with prominent fashion models from all over the world that have an inspiring message. In the last part of her three-part interview series Jana (Euromodel) gives us an insight in her skin care and beauty routine.

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t seems impossible for models to have good skin 24/7 the whole year round when you’re exposed to so many different products applied to your skin. How do you avoid getting either dry skin or  pimples and what would your advice to other models be?
Jana: The best for a skin is exercise (sweat), drink water and sleep. 

Jana VoyvodichCopyright: Lucas van Twillert 

What kind of skin care products do you use?
Jana: I use Vichy cleansing foam while under the shower and Weleda 2-in-1 cleansing milk in the morning. For the night I have Oolaboo beauty sleep. I also use a sun screen spf 30-50 around my eyes and upper lip (read: to avoid pigment moustache).

Besides Vichy, Weleda and Oolaboo, do you have other favorite brands?
Jana:I love the Rituals collection to use under the shower and I adore the brand Sans Soucis (which translates to “without worries”). I recently pampered myself with the Sans Soucis limited edition Peach Blossom Creme. I make sure my lips look smooth with Doctor Babor anti-wrinkle booster for lips.

What do you do when you have a pimple on that important day? 
Jana: Lay my faith in the hands of make-up artist and make the best of what I got. I’m not perfect – far from it if you ask me, and I am totally fine with it.

On a working day, can you describe your beauty routine after you wake-up?
Jana: After waking up and kissing my boyfriend (…) I make a smoothie and watch the news. Then I jump into the shower and shave. When I can I try to wash my hair the night before, because it takes too long to dry. I heat up my lash curler with a blow dryer and curl my lashes, brush my eyebrows and put some lip balm on my lips. The night before I make sure my nails are clean and cut and I apply nail oil. I put on a smile and go to work because I love my job and I’m grateful to be able to this.

Jana Voyvodich Copyright: Thomas Vording

Not wearing makeup in between modelling jobs is recommended to let your skin ‘breath’, but models want to look cute off-duty as well. Do you wear make-up off-duty? What does your off-duty make-up routine look like (pictures please!)? What kind of products do you recommend?
Jana: I am very erratic with wearing make-up. I tend not to wear make-up when I dont have big plans for the day. But when I do have an event to attend, my make-up differs from wearing only mascara to the whole shebang. It depends on how much time I have to prepare and in what mood I’m in. Either way, it’s never because I feel I need it to present myself; I feel perfectly fine without make-up. However when I put on make-up I do use a lash curler most of the time. My lashes are very steep and the curler helps to give me a fresh look. After this a waterproof mascara keeps them stick.

Do you have any favorite spa’s?
Jana: Sauna Van Egmond in my hometown Haarlem is my favorite spa. It’s intimate, cozy, charming, great kitchen, they have a film theatre … Talking about it: I should make reservations right now.

The solarium: yes or no?
Jana: No. I don’t like the way my skin tans in the solarium. Somehow I get all these pigment spots, which I don’t have when I take a natural sun bath. However, I try to avoid too much sunshine. I do like a nice tan but I am very aware of the damage the sun costs to a skin. In the long run a skin without to many wrinkles is more alluring to me than having a tan.

— editor note —

This was the last part of Jana’s interview series about her career & personal life, lifestyle, workout & skin care routine. Keep track on Jana by following her on her travel blog Soft and Sandy Beaches.

Questions for Jana

Would you like to know more about Jana’s skin care and beauty routine or would you like to have her advice? Leave your questions in the comments below and she’ll answer them for you.

Curvy model Jana Voyvodich's skin care routine
Copyright image Jana: Lucas van Twillert

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