Gamila. She’s an old lady from the Valley of Galilee and lives surrounded by olive trees. Her skin is soft, smooth and even. Discover her secret …

If you would ask me what it is that makes a model a good model, I would say a great body, great skin and great attitude. Now attitude is something unchangeable. A ridiculously good looking body and skin are partly genetically determined. However, we can give having a great body and skin a good push in the right direction … with this article, I will reveal how to do so concerning your skin.


Beauty from the inside

Beauty comes from the inside and starts with health. This undoubtedly applies for your skin. If you aim for prettiness, than workout and eat healthy.  Working out truly improves the long-term quality of your skin.

There are many foods that not only provide you with a healthy body, but also provide you with a healthy, beautiful and spot-free skin that ages slower. Beauty foods that you can think of are nuts, nut oils, fatty fish, red fruit, leafy greens and dark chocolate. Drinking heaps of water flushes out toxins  and cleanses your skin.


Beauty from the outside

Skin care isn’t an exclusive inside-out treatment. There are ways to give your skin a little help from the outside. A good example is the use of a good sunscreen, to protect your skin from damaging free radical assaults.

Another beauty tip is to take professional skin treatments regularly. One of my favorite skin treatments is a fruit acid peel, which removes layers of dead and damaged skin for thorough cleansing action. This helps prevent and fight acne, increases your skins hydration ability, removes hyperpigmentation, fine lines  and small scars and slows down the aging proces.


Vegetable oil for skin treatment

In support of eating healthily and working out for a great skin, my secret is to use nourishing natural vegetable oils and herbs. I get my skin oils from Gamila, an old lady that lives in the Valley of Galilee, surrounded by herbs and olive trees. Gamila has long before discovered the healing and nourishing properties of olive oil for her skin and has been using the oil all her life. Gamila still has a beautiful skin that’s soft, smooth and has a radiant complexion. No wonder her oils have became very popular far beyond the valley of Galilee.



Gamila Secret Face Oil

The oil I am very fond of is Gamila Secret Face Oil. This oil consists of natural olive oil and fifteen wild herbs. Olive oil is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants: vitamins A and E, polyphenols and phytosterols help neutralize free radicals that cause skin damage, prevent premature skin aging, heals scars, fights skin infections and acne, balances the skin. repairs skin damage by the sun and lightens and smoothens rough skin. Squalene  moisturizes your skin and regulates your skin’s sebum production. Olive oil also contains trace amounts of chlorophyll, which

gives tired skin back her glow.

Since I have started using the oils, I can really see a difference to my skin. My complexion is radiant and my skin is clear, balanced, doesn’t show signs of dryness and looks smooth and nourished.




It is best to use  Gamila Secret Face Oil as a nightly treatment, as I found it too heavy and glowy to use as a daycream. All you need is one drop of oil and smoothen it out on your skin. No further night treatment, serum or eye cream is needed. If your skin is really dry, you can opt to mix a drop of the oil with your favorite day cream.


For more information on Gamila Secret Face Oil or their other olive oil based products, go to their website and find out more about one of my favorite skin care brands.






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