Saturday mornings are the mornings that I (try to) sleep in long. I usually fail, but when I don’t, after slowly waking up, I watch a couple of episodes of my favorite tv series (which is Orphan Black a.t.m.) and have breakfast in bed. By noon, I am still in my PJ’s, my hair is in coupe scarecrow and I could definitely use a shower. Yep, loving those mornings!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nyway, I wanted to talk about what I have for breakfast and eat in bed on these mornings. I thought you’d be interested 😉 

Well * drums * it’s usually either pancakes or super soft, yummie, overnight gluten free oats* in a jar.

Overnight oats in a what?

In a jar. Overnight oats in a jar are oats that have soaked in a jar overnight. Tell me more 😉 

So why are these oats soaked in a jar? Well, I actually don’t know. I guess it just looks fancy and sounds catchy.

What they are these oats soaked in? Usually in yogurt or quark, but they can be soaked in almond milk or rice milk too. I find soaking them in yogurt much better regarding the consistency though, so I soak them in yogurt. The only problem is that yogurt has lactose in it, while almond and rice milk don’t. As you might know, I am not a huge fan of lactose. You wouldn’t be either if it made your belly bloat like it bloats mine.

Low lactose goat yogurt instead of high lactose cow yogurt

If you are not (completely) lactose intolerant, you could opt for using goat yogurt instead of cow yogurt. Goat yogurt is hypo-allergenic (contains less casein alpha 1 i.c.w. cow milk, which is responsible for cow milk allergy), easier to digest, contains less lactose (10%) and has more calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium in comparison with cow yogurt.

Goat yogurt is your beauty remedy

Remember where these nutrients are good for? A.o. for strong, healthy and beautiful bones, teeth, hair and nails (calcium and phosphorus), skin elasticity (selenium), acne treatment and tissue repair (zinc).

Anything else soaked in this jar?

Certainly! It is up to you what to stuff your jar with. I usually add banana, goji berries, maple syrup, almond butter and chia seeds and add nuts or other seeds right before I pamper myself with this indulgence. There are so many ways to prepare your overnight oats; be creative and use whatever seems nice to you!

Scroll down for the recipe!




* oats contain a little a mount of gluten. Therefore, it is not suitable for celiacs. There are some brands that sell gluten free oats though, like Bob’s Red Mill and Provena.


Saturday Morning Breakkie In Bed: Overnight Oats in a Jar

Prep time: 00:10 hrs

Soaking time: at least 03:00 hrs



1. Combine all ingredients in a jar except the walnuts.

2. Stir well, close the jar and keep in your fridge overnight

3. Next morning, take the jar from the freezer, add walnuts, stir and enjoy!


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