[dropcap]G[/dropcap]reetings on this beautiful Monday morning, my loves! I am sorry if you think Monday mornings suck and think I should shut my cheery mouth, but I am just so full of yesterday – figural ànd literally speaking.

Figural because I spend a whole day with the loveliest people in the world. Literally because we celebrated mom’s 54th birthday, and birthday equals food fest.

Here’s a quite entertaining insight on how my crazy, healthy foodie fam celebrates mom’s 54th birthday and goes out for dinner:

Fruity spinach smoothie & gym
Mom gets up at 9:30. Dad makes her a massive mango-melon-banana-spinach smoothie. Mom hits the gym at 10, meanwhile her kids and in-laws prepare the birthday brunch table.

Cake and pancakes
On the brunch menu: lots of healthy foods and powdered sugar and chocolate sprinkles. Big mistake bro, big mistake. Just kidding 😉 the brother and his wifey did an awesome job backing a huge staple of buckwheat pancakes (click for the recipe), some even with oats. Luxury!

Other brunch table indulgencies were agave syrup, shredded coconut, peanut butter and organic jam for the pancakes and a gigantic bowl of fresh cut fruits (come to momma!). Dad made his famous cinnamon coffee.


fresh-cut-fruitsGigantic bowl of fruits. Claimed it all!



Dad made his famous cinnamon coffee. It’s  like chai coffee, but different.


11 a.m.: mom comes back from the gym and acts surprised. We sing a birthday song like cats in heat and we receive sweaty hugs. Mom gets presents (Kiehl’s Ultra Facial, my favorite).



Plantane chips and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial in a basket

We sit, eat, eat and eat. I had lots of fresh fruits and pancake with fruit.





I got really creative with buckwheat pancake, fresh fruits and a tiny bit of jam.


For dessert (dessert after brunch; why not?!) there was vegan raspberry ‘cheese’ cake. I just had a small bite.


Vegan raspberry cake dessert after brunch. Half a piece is only 166.5 kcal!


Food coma
After vegan raspberry cake, we were in coma, only to wake up at 4:30. Oh, somewhere in between we played Rummikub (I won) and chess (I won) and munched on my mom’s presents (plantain chips). Sorry mom.

All we could eat
We went out for dinner at an Asian all-you-can-eat-in-3-hours stir fry restaurant (the story goes this restaurant catches neighborhood cats and puts them on their teppanyaki plate).


healthy food family

Us being all excited for the upcoming 3 hour food fest


Poop so I can eat more
Our 3 hour session went a little something like this: “Which sauce has the least salt?”, “I don’t eat meat”, “I don’t eat rice”, “I don’t eat crap”, “kangaroo is a lean animal, kangaroo meat is lean too”, “sparkling water, please”, “Is there lots of sugar in red sauce?”, “I don’t drink alcohol”, “I’ll go poop, so I can eat more”, “I don’t eat fried stuff”, “sea weed is healthy” etc. I should have filmed it for you guys, we were a real life sitcom 😀

I had a few plates of vegan stir fried veggies and mushrooms without sauce (they contained a lot of salt or sugar), a plate with stir fried veggies and some shrimps and a tiny piece of kangaroo (wow, tasty!). I skipped the noodles.

Oh, I also had baked banana, a waffle and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

How I felt after dinner part 1.


 How I felt after dinner part 2.



How do you celebrate your mom’s birthday as a crazy healthy foodie?


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